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5 Brain Hacks to Easily Learn New Things + Spike Dietary Supplement Review

September 15, 2018
Spike Dietary Supplement Review
5 Brain Hacks to Easily Learn Things + Spike Dietary Supplement Review

Learning doesn’t stop even after I got my diploma and landed a job chose what I wanted to do in life. 

I will always remember what my English Grade School teacher once shared – when they were students, they would wake up at 3:00 in the morning to study for their exams – that is when our brain has rested and everything will be easier to understand and memorize. I followed her advise -even if sometimes it translated to me cramming to write a reaction paper – and studying last minute for an important exam. Surprisingly, it works. I still follow the best practice when I need to write a blog or prepare for an important task.

Now that life for me is no longer about understanding theories or mathematical equations, I continuously push myself to learn new things. The difference is, it is no longer about how many correct answers I got (for I no longer take exams! How I wished!) but how good my output is based on the new things that I learn and skills I acquire. 

Currently, I am learning new ways to create content; and at the same time, immersing myself in a new field.

Spike Dietary Supplement Review

I am sharing some of the tips on how I learn new things:

5 Brain Hacks to Easily Learn Things

1. Dedicate a Time Everyday for Learning 
I schedule a time for myself everyday to learn and practice the new skill. Although it is still quite a challenge because of the ever-changing schedules; the ideal scenario is to allot a certain hour everyday to learn and practice a new skill. It is like forming a habit. We only need 21 days to form a habit – and dedicating an hour (or even 30 minutes) to learn would really help us to master the skill easily. 

2. Make It More Meaningful for Yourself
For many years, I told myself that I need to learn a new language. But I just couldn’t start or motivate myself to do so. I think it is because I really do not see a value of learning a new language in my career now – except for it would look nice in my resume and I could impress someone the next time I travel. 
While skills like taking better photos and editing pictures are more essential in the work that I do now. Hopefully , I can also learn video editing. Soon.

3. I take a break when I needed.
During a special project in which I was assigned to work with a partner from US, I learned that I can function well when my brain has rested (translation: sleep). During this assignment, I also learned that people need to understand other people’s work ways to meet the same goal. 
We were working on a presentation and my partner is the type who wouldn’t sleep until she has finished all the work. I, however, prefer to rest and sleep, and just wake up earlier the next morning to finish all the work. 
I always listen to my body and rest whenever I need to.

Spike Dietary Supplement Review

4.  I Teach What I Learned
There is no better way to really understand if you have already learned something but by knowing how to teach it and transferring the knowledge. 
I am no longer part of an organization in which I could call myself a coach or a mentor; but I still find ways to teach what I learned by talking and sharing about it with a friend, or with people who are interested on the things that I do. 

5. Spike Brain Functions with Spike Dietary Supplement
I rarely take dietary supplements; however, I am in a state now which I need to learn new things faster to be able to take on new projects. I recently learned about the Spike Dietary Supplement. It is the latest discovery of Vida Nutriscience Inc which is the same maker of trusted products like Snow Skin Whitening and MySlim Slimming Drink.
Spike Dietary Supplement is scientifically proven to enhance overall mental fitness and support cognitive performance in stressful situations. It is made from a natural wild green oat variety
grown in Europe. Green oat herb preparations have been used since medieval times to support cognitive functions as a nerve tonic, restorative and as a mild anti-depressant.

Spike Dietary Supplement Review

Spike Dietary Supplement

I was curious about this new dietary supplement, so I did a little research about its ingredients. 
Spike Dietary Supplement Ingredients:
Nueravena® EFLA 955+ 
(Memory Enhancer, Brain Booster & Cognitive Functions)

Green oat extract sourced from a unique strain of Avena Sativa known for its positive effect on cognitive makers. It is said that Green Oat contributes to the physical and psychological health since the medieval time.

Magnesium Lactate:  

Regulate Levels Of Minerals And Other Important Nutrients In The Body
Every organ in the body, especially the heart, muscles, and kidneys, needs magnesium. This mineral also contributes to the makeup of teeth and bones. Magnesium lactate activates enzymes, contributes to energy production, and helps regulate levels of calcium, copper,
zinc, potassium, vitamin D, and other important nutrients in the body.

Spike Dietary Supplement Review

ALPHASIZE 50 WSP (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline)

This ingredient is referred to as the most effective brain nutrient. It helps improve key brain functions, including memory, concentration, learning, recall, and focus.
Bioperine (Piper Nigrum L)
Improve Nutrient Absorption Process

VITAMIN B3 (Niacin) : B-complex vitamins, also help the
body use fats and protein. B-complex vitamins are needed for a healthy liver, healthy skin,
hair, and eyes, and to help the nervous system function properly. N
VITAMIN B6 (Pyridoxine) helps the body make several neurotransmitters, chemicals that carry
signals from one nerve cell to another. It is needed for normal brain development and
function, and helps the body make the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, which
influence mood, and melatonin, which helps regulate the body clock.
VITAMIN B9 (Folic Acid) aids in the production of DNA and RNA, the body’s genetic
material, and is especially important when cells and tissues are growing rapidly, such as in
infancy, adolescence, and pregnancy.
VITAMIN B12 (Cobalamin) is an especially important vitamin for maintaining healthy nerve cells,
and it helps in the production of DNA and RNA, the body’s genetic material. Vitamin B12 works closely with vitamin B9, also called folate or folic acid, to help make red blood cells and to help iron work better in the body.

Spike Dietary Supplement Review

Spike Dietary Supplement Benefits
To summarize, here are the key benefits of Spike Dietary Supplement:
  • Improves general learning performance
  • Increases mental functions and mental fitness
  • Enhances concentration, mental alertness & cognitive functions under pressure
  • Improves speed of performance, working memory, episodic memory & execution functions

How to Use?
1. Take one (1) capsule daily after every meal. I usually take it after lunch.  
2. It can be taken two (2) capsules on days that requires mental alertness and cognitive function
activities such as exams, presentations, stressful activities that needs concentration & the like).
3. Take one (1) hour before the exams or presentations to experience a full effect timeline
of 4 to 6 hours.

Spike Dietary Supplement Review

My Review of Spike Dietary Supplement
I am on my first week of taking the Spike Dietary Supplement and it greatly helps me in my journey to learning new skills. I am more focused and less distracted whenever I am studying and reading. I find it easier to absorb information and memorize terms. More importantly, the retention and recall of information and data.

I haven’t experienced any side effects while taking Spike Dietary Supplement. Please note that while taking this supplement, I make sure that I follow my normal self-care routine such as sleeping at least 8 hours a day and drinking more water. 

Although nothing replaces good natural source of vitamins, it is good to have such a dietary supplement in our pockets in cases when need to work on presentation, or take an exam. Life is, afterall, full of challenges and surprises. 

SPIKE Dietary Supplement with Neuravena is priced at P990/box(30 capsules) or P33/capsule and is available in all Mercury Drug stores nationwide.

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