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3 Tips to Choosing Great Golf Equipment Without Seeing It In The Store

November 27, 2018
From a layman’s point of view, playing golf seems to be very easy. It’s only when you really swing the club that you realize hard it is to score, especially when you are a beginner. For a start, you need to have a set of golf equipment. In fact, the equipment that you use determines how you will perform once you walk into a golf course. Golf is actually ranked as the most demanding sport in terms of equipment. This is because you have to invest in clubs, gloves, t-shirt, shoes, rain pants, umbrella, bags and balls. Buying all these things online can be tricky due to the fact you can’t examine them physically. Below is a list of tips you can use to ensure you get equipment that’s worth your money.

1. Price
Before you buy golf equipment online, it’s important you first compare the prices of different stores. This is because you might pay a premium price in one store for an item that costs less money elsewhere. With these economic hard times, you want to save at least a few bucks when shopping for golf stuff because you still have other bills that need to be paid. Instead of buying from the first shop that you find, it’s advisable you take a virtual tour of multiple stores as much as you can. The good thing is that it only takes a few minutes to compare prices of different stores.
You should actually give priority to stores that are offering discounts on the equipment that you need. You can also consider packages that come with free giveaways because that’s you end up getting more items for less money. For instance, you can buy golf clubs or shoes from a store that’s willing to give you a pair of gloves for free. Besides that, you have to check whether the store offers free shipping and if it doesn’t, you will have to pay extra money for the item to be delivered to your doorstep.
2. Buy Top Rated Product Only
Unless you don’t mind wasting your hard earned money on stuff that’s not durable, you should only buy top rated golf equipment. The advantage of investing in such an item is that it hardly disappoints you when playing your favorite sport. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended you stick to reputable brands only. This is because such brands adhere to strict standards when it comes to making high quality standards. Once you are at the store’s website, you should check what other customers had to say after buying the equipment. If there are so many complains by unhappy customers, you should check from the next store. In addition to that, you should buy from an online store that has a return policy on all equipment. At the end of the day, you want to be able to return an item if it doesn’t meet your golfing needs. Buying stuff from a store without a return policy means you have to keep your equipment even when it doesn’t serve the purpose you bought it for. For instance, if the shoes don’t fit you because they are either too large or too small for your fit, you have to keep them and budget for another pair.
3. Warranty and Customer Service
Genuine golf equipment usually comes with a limited time warranty. Manufacturers that don’t offer a guarantee on their products don’t have confidence in the items they make and you shouldn’t also compromise on quality. The advantage of investing on items that feature a warranty is that you can get a replacement without being asked any questions by the dealer. If a club wears out say after a few weeks, you should be able to request for a new one before the expiry of the warranty. You should also shop from a store that has excellent customer service. An ideal store should have a team of customer care executives on standby mode so that they can attend to your concerns round the clock. If a store can’t be reached by phone or email, you are bound to have an irritating customer experience.

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