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The Day I Met Cindy Ejercito

May 6, 2019
The Day I Met Cindy Ejercito wife of JV Ejercito
The Day I Met Cindy Ejercito

When she walks in the room, it is as if an angel walks in – everyone sit still as she spread light and positivity greeting her guests in that intimate lunch.

She has grace and style – she is a natural being a former Mutya ng Philipinas beauty queen and flight attendant. She is simple yet elegant in a black ensemble she carried effortlessly with a smile. She is Cindy Lotuaco-Ejercito—the wife of re-electionist Senator JV Ejercito.

Here is another entry to my The Day I Met blog series. Almost everyday, I get an awesome opportunity to meet interesting people – but there are only rare chances when people open up and share the story of their lives. 
Over lunch at the Mary Grace restaurant in Greenhills, I had an opportunity to get to know Cindy Ejercito. Truth to be told, I tried to stay away from writing about politics – and decline invitations from politicians. This story is a different case though.  I am particularly interested at Cindy ‘s story as a Cancer Survivor, and how is she as a wife of a man with such a prominent last name. 
Cindy shared how simple life is for her home. She said she loves cooking for her family, especially Sinigang na Lechon which is JV’s favorite. There is a different light in her eyes when she talks about her husband who she said is a really funny man who tells a lot of jokes. I guess, that is really how love works – the man that a woman loves can really make her laugh.

I enjoyed listening to Cindy’s soft spoken voice as she shared more about trivial things about her – like how she only uses soap and moisturizer to maintain her skin – and that she would never opt to go under the knife for anti-aging or skin enhancement.

The Day I Met Cindy Ejercito wife of JV Ejercito

Things get a little serious when she talked about her battle with Breast Cancer. She shared how she felt really sad for her son, Julio who was very young at that time. She, is however thankful to her family and friends for being with her during her battle. 
If there is anything that she learned during those dark days, it is the value of time, family and friends. I was nodding while I watch her look at her friends who were also with us during the intimate lunch. 
And because of these challenging times in their lives, JV Ejercito authored and sponsored National Integrated Cancer Control Act measure, now Republic Act No. 11215. 
It was coincidentally signed by President Duterte on February 14, 2019 which serves like a Valentine’s Day Gift of a husband to her wife. 
JV, also author of the Universal Health Care measure, said the law would address the various gaps in the cancer care continuum and integrated solutions. It mandates a more focused prevention and integrated cancer program that would improve the survivorship of cancer patients, noting that the dreaded illness is the third leading cause of adult death and fourth in child mortality
The Philippine Cancer Facts and Estimates from the Department of Health has revealed an alarming increase in the incidence of cancer, estimating up to 8 deaths per day for childhood cancer and up to 11 new cases and 7 deaths every hour for adult cancer.
It is a bitter-sweet thought that it is still a challenge for us, Filipinos to get a good health care assistance that we deserve. I hope that through this new law, it would be a good start.

The Day I Met Cindy Ejercito wife of JV Ejercito

She is so pleasant and positive. 

When I asked her what is the one thing that she is excited about this year, she said, it is the National Election. She is hopeful that people would give her husband, JV a chance.  

After lunch, her son, Julio came over to pick her up.  He was a bit shy but granted people’s request for a photo with her mom. 
And I thought, they are just like us. 
We have our own struggles and worries, but are hopeful and fighting.

(while writing this story, I could almost hear JV Ejercito’s campaign jingle – “JV is the one good”). 

PS. Every vote matters. 

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