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The Day I Met Romnick Sarmenta at Salu Restaurant

June 19, 2017
Romnick Sarmienta Salu Restaurant

The Day I Met Romnick Sarmenta at Salu Restaurant 

It was a simple invitation for lunch. Actually, it was a second invitation for an intimate lunch at Salu Restaurant in Quezon City. The first one was for a special Mother’s Day event which I regretfully declined because of family commitment. The second one I said yes. Glad I did.

Tagging along @rodelflordeliz, we entered Salu Restaurant as if we were traveling the islands of the Philippines. The restaurant facade already caught our attention and in our minds, #ood shoot pegs were already being laid out.

We entered the Luzon function room which feels like the Hogwarts Grand Hall. Rodel told me after lunch hat it could have been a great venue for my Harry Potter Birthday Party last year. 
It seems like a normal food event – not until we saw Romnick Sarmenta greeting all the guests and cameras started flocking him. We then found her wife, Harlene Bautista doing a live cooking presentation. I didn’t realize that we were dining at their Filipino Restaurant which is celebrating its first year. 

Salu Restaurant is not your typical Filipino Restaurant. Aside from its themed rooms (representing Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao), it offers the finest and authentic treats representing different parts of the Philippines. 
romnick sarmienta restaurant salu tomas morato
romnick sarmienta restaurant salu tomas morato
romnick sarmienta restaurant salu tomas morato
The couple loves to travel evident with the photos displayed in the restaurant and the flavors they bring to the Manilenos. 
It’s been a fruitful year for Salu starting with partner tie ups with organizations like Hashtag Philippines through Antoinette Taus, where average of 300 kids where fed every event with Salu packed lunches and personalized note from volunteers. Salu also represented the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao for the Madrid Fusion, where they showcased their best southern dishes that’s available only at restaurant. Chefs, culinary experts and foodies were impressed with the flavors of Mindanao’s cuisines that uses special ingredient, pampa. During the event, I got to taste the Mindanao’s Kulma. It is like a Beef Kare-kare with Curry – more like Japanese Curry. It was super good and typing this now makes me crave for it. 
romnick sarmienta restaurant salu tomas morato
Hipon sa Aligue
romnick sarmienta restaurant salu tomas morato
Sinigang na Buto-buto
romnick sarmienta restaurant salu tomas morato
Pork Ribs
romnick sarmienta restaurant salu tomas morato
Ginataang Puso ng Saging
romnick sarmienta restaurant salu tomas morato
Binagoongang-Lechon Kare Kare
romnick sarmienta restaurant salu tomas morato
For Salu’s second year, they are running the campaign #SarapMabuhay. It showcases not just the exciting flavors that we have in the Philippines but also highlights the different fresh ingredients that we have. It also represents the different people that we got to dine with – friends, family, or even strangers that complete the dining experience. 
The campaign will also highlight the adventure of the couple as they search for the next ultimate plate that they will serve in Salu. The Pilipinas Platter, their version of a group feast gives customer an opportunity to taste all the specialties in different parts of the Philippines. While Luto ni Nanay gives mom a chance to cook with chefs from Salu. 
We got to sit down and talk to Romnick after the event. I get to see celebrities everyday, but I was still in awe listening to him talk passionately about food and the flavors of the Philippines. Truth be told, he is one of my favorites (in That’s Entertainment) and he is one of the good actors in the local industry. When I asked him what is his favorite food, he told me that each province has a distinct taste and flavor – and it is really different to pick just one. It got me thinking I still have a lot to explore in my own country. 
Like a true gracious host, Romnick made sure that we got to taste all the food they are offering. He also invited us to check out the bar where his bartenders concoct different juices and mixes – not the usually you would drink everyday. 

Romnick Sarmienta Salu Restaurant

I wish we had the time to talk to Harlene but she was busy entertaining other guests. From the bar where we were sitting (which Romnick shared they strategically positioned  in the middle so that even strangers can share a meal), I watched the couple together with their kids and I thought – they look like just any normal couple/family. I adore them. I wonder what kind of food they serve at home.

romnick sarmienta restaurant

#FanMode photo this time with Romnick Sarmenta and @rodelflordeliz

Update 2018: 
Salu recently launched the #SaluWineandTapas Night where you can enjoy UNLIMITED WINE and Tapas for only Php 850 every Friday and Saturday from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Cheers!

What are your favorites from Salu Restaurant? 

Salu Restaurant
Sct. Torillo, Cor. Sct. Fernandez,
Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City. 
For reservations, questions and queries, you may call Salu’s hotline 02-282- 15-12

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