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Make Dad Feel Loved All Year Round

June 17, 2017
How to Date Your Dad?
Make Dad Feel Loved All Year Round

I seldom share about personal stories especially about my family. But if there is anything I want to tell you – I am not really close to my dad – close as if we were the picture of the perfect father and daughter relationship that we see in movies. We do have our inside jokes though and that’s the closest bonding we can do. 
If you are like me who doesn’t know how to date your dad and make him feel loved all year round, check out this ideas I came up with through the brands that I support. 
photo credit | clem onejeghuo
1. Shop for New #OOTD and Visit Exhibit | Original Penguin 
I know dads are not very open about the latest in fashion. The best bet is to get him something classic – Original Penguin is the perfect gift. Known for their timeless appeal and classic designs, Original Penguin came back in fashion in the 2000s, when young trendsetters demanded for the cult classics. 
In 2003, this led to the birth of Original Penguin by Munsingwear, and an alliance with an international fashion house. The brand is now bigger than ever, turning into a lifestyle brand that includes suits, watches, bags, belts, hats, shoes, and women & kids collection. 
how to date your dad
how to date your dad
how to date your dad
how to date your dad
My fave picks!
Original Penguin now has something for the young and old. The Earl Polo is a shirt that never goes out of style. With the many colors it comes in, you could go for a timeless clean-cut look or liven up your outfit with a fun, bright shade. Now, this classic is even available in the Original Penguin kids’ collection. Their Retro Logo tees, printed shirts, sporty jackets, polos for women, and baseball caps give everyone a chance to mix up their style.
Buy a shirt for dad and visit the exhibit happening at the following: 
June 16 to 18 – Greenbelt 5, 2 nd floor
June 23 to 25 – Shangri La Plaza, East Wing
June 30 to July 2 – Newport Mall
2. Schedule a Pampering Day at Svelti
Men in our lives need pampering too! They have been busy providing for our needs that they mostly forget about themselves. As a result, we see them gain weight, build up high blood pressure, and develop wrinkles. 
Take advantage of Svelti’s specialized facial treatments. 
The facials administered in SvelT’i have become popular for their anti-aging effect. They get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and other facial impurities. They control and prevent the development of pigmentation which tends to mar the skin.
Revlite does a deeper work on the dad’s skin and is designed to remove melasma, longstanding unwanted pigments, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne marks. This revolutionary Q-Switched ND:YAG laser features PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse {PTP} and targets the impurities by producing a special wavelength of light.
how to date your dad
Meanwhile, Accufirme tones the muscles of his body and removes the flabbiness through the use of electrical pulses. Finally, I-Lipo culminates the transformation of the beleaguered breadwinner into a younger-looking, more energetic, and more attractive alpha male.
Finally, there’s I-Lipo which culminates the transformation of skin to younger-looking, more energetic and more attractive alpha male. It uses low level pulses to remove unwanted and excessive fat. 
To know more about SvelT’i’s treatments, please inquire at (02)332-7546 / 09188-SVELTI (783584).
Don’t forget to tell them you are friends with me to get 10% discount on services! 
Promo Code: ruthilicious! 

3. Treat Him to a Dinner Date | Toast Asian Kitchen

One of my favorite restaurants – Toast Asian Kitchen in The Ayala Malls 30th. I love everything about this restaurant – the ambiance, privacy, the variety of food (you must order the Twice-Cooked Pork with Salted Egg Rice), and the craft beer station. 
asian toast kitchen review
Tell him about the guy who beat your highest score in EverWing

4. Send Dad a (#Blogger)Mail ! | Custaroons!

If dad is really busy, surprise him with a gift or send him some sweet treats from Custaroonery! 
I always love Custaroons because of its perfect recipe that is somewhat like a macaroon and custard. I love the creamy feeling of it and the crunch of coco bits! 
The small bite-size costs Php 450 for box of 30 pcs; while the bigger ones are at Php 50/piece. It comes in different flavors like cheese, coffee and green tea. 
custaroons fathers day
custaroons fathers day
custaroons fathers day
There’s also Custaroon Poppers. The box come with a sachet of chocolate powdered to make the poppers more decadent when served. 
box of 9: P 180
box of 25: P 350 
coffee, green tea, 
chocolate, or *assorted
box of 9: P 210
box of 25: P 430 
To order: check out or call 713-1137 or 0918-8282929. 
5. Go Hippie with Dad at Cubao Expo 

One of my favorite places in Manila! I can’t believe I don’t have a decent photo from my Camera Roll that I can use for this feature – but anyway, Cubao Expo is the place to buy vintage stuff, vinyl records, collectibles and all the good old things that your dad would love. There are also restaurants in the area and nice place to hang out. 
Hope you will have a fantastic day with the dads in your life!
Any other cool ideas on how to date your dad? Tag me @ruthilicious!

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