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Baby Boomers (not just Millennials) Have Adventurous Spirit #PossibilitieswithBoost

June 16, 2017
nestle boost drink philippines

Nestle Boost Drink Philippine Launch #possibilitieswithboost
Aging with grace is always my ultimate goal. People say that I look younger than my real age. But more than looking young, I feel that my vitality age is more important for me to do more things in life. 

It was an inspiring morning to meet and get to know people who, at the age of 50 are starting new things in life – be it exploring new country, learning a new sport and doing many “firsts” in life. In this digital age that millennials’ adventurous spirit is strong, it is comforting for baby boomers to know that with age of wisdom comes new possibilities that will encourage one to never stop exploring. 
nestle boost drink philippines
nestle boost drink philippines
nestle boost drink philippines
Interactive set-up that let us create our bucke list 
It was a pleasant surprise to know that I have already experienced alot in life at this age, but I want to do more things. 

Boost is a new health drink from Nestle Health Science which is formulated for adults 50 and up to address their nutritional needs as they age in order to get most out of life.  Research shows that special nutrition may help to manage the normal changes in our bodies go through during life. It is important to consider that nutritional needs tend to evolve with time and gradual changes in lifestyle dietary habits and metabolism often develop. 
Five of the country’s celebrities and influencers were invited during the Philippine Launch of Boost held at One Canvass, Makati. Sharing with you some of the inspiring words and stories from these baby boomers that would inspire you to explore new things. 
nestle boost drink philippines

“I realized that age is never an excuse to stop yourself from trying new things. I see it in my kids and if I want to be youthful like them, all I need to do is believe that I can still do as much as they can”.  – Ramon Jacinto. 

Ramon Jacinto, being a musician just started teaching his son the keys to a song he just heard once (imagine this blog with background music: Shape of You).

“There is so much to discover and experience. I am slowly trying to accomplish more and more things in my bucket list!” – Tessa Prieto Valdes

nestle boost drink philippines
Tessa just started spinning (indoor cycling)! She’s always so pleasant and full of energy. Totally love her!

“It is refreshing hitting new milestones at this age. And I think I can go on doing just that til I hit 70!” – Quinito Henson

I knew Quinito Henson as a sportscaster and it is inspiring to know he keeps himself fit too, by counting thousands of steps everyday. I need to feel strong like him to be able to walk around the world too. 
Zsa Zsa Padilla on the other hand, shared that she just recently learned how to drive! It makes me excited that I am not a hopeless case 😀 While Ruby Gan started body-building and looking fit and able in her age. 
nestle boost drink philippines
More often we feel that the mind is willing but the flesh is weak. Boost will help us achieve stronger body. It is recommended to drink Boost everyday 1-2 times a day. Boost is perfect to take in between meals and is very flexible that you can mix it with your coffee or chocolate drink. 
nestle boost drink philippines
Our life and lifestyle shouldn’t slow down. Truly, age is just a number. 
What are the things that you are looking forward to cross out on your bucket list? 

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