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5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Washington State

June 12, 2019
5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Washington State

When people think of Washington, their mind automatically goes to what Washington D.C has to offer. They think of the Whitehouse, or the National Mall – but what about Washington state? This
fantastically popular city has a wealth of reasons why you should visit, and we have listed some of them below.

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The Outdoor Activities 
Washington State has lots of fantastic outdoor activities that you can enjoy all year round. It has so
much to offer including surfing, climbing, hiking, cycling, boating and more. This makes it the perfect destination for those of you who are a little more adventurous out there. As there is such a large focus on outdoor activity as let’s face it, it is made for it – you could go for a hike in the morning, and a ski in the afternoon – as these things are available across the state.
The Focus on Health and Wellbeing
Washington State places a massive focus on health and wellbeing and has got great destination hotels and retreats that are designed to give you a much-needed break. A perfect example of this is The Soap Lake Resort . With this soap lake hotel, you will find soap lake healing waters as well as daily activities that are organised such as yoga and hiking.
It’s Home to Seattle
Seattle is so popular it is often mistaken for the capital of Washington State, which is in actual fact
Olympia. Seattle is home to many an attraction. As well as some of the most obvious destinations such as the Space Needle – it is perfect for those of you who are foodies or coffee lovers. You will also find that there is a fantastic music scene that keeps growing. It has lots of festivals that you can enjoy, and a must-see destination in Washington.
Beer and Wine
If you have a love for local wine and beer, then Washington is the perfect place to visit. With California tipping the scales when it comes to wine production – Washington comes second. It boasts over 31,000 acres of vineyards and over 600 wineries. There are also lots of local breweries who are producing award winning beers. This is a growing industry in Washington, with the number of breweries doubling in recent years.
Get in Touch with Nature
When people think of Washington, they think of its alternative name “the evergreen state”. It boasts
lots of rainforests, and evergreen forests – and you can enjoy them all year round. Washington is also
home to the Olympic Mountains, The Cascade Mountain range and lots of different picturesque lakes
and rivers. You will also see lots of wildlife which is perfect for those of you who love nature. If you haven’t yet been to Washington state, then make sure it is on your list of destinations to visit. As you can see it has lots to offer, and you will definitely find something that you would like to do no matter what your vacation goals are.

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