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GCASH Instapay to Banks: Transfer Money Instantly with No Fees

June 11, 2019
GCASH Instapay to Banks: Transfer Money Instantly with No Fees
GCASH Instapay to Banks: Transfer Money Instantly with No Fees
The future is truly in our hands and mobile phones are the new remote controls of our lives. I love everything that is fast, convenient and stress-free. Among the many apps in my phone, one of my favorites is the GCASH app because it allows me to do so many things, more importantly to process instapay to banks. 

I have been a user of GCASH for over a decade. I started selling items online through Ebay and  (the now defunct) Multiply, and GCASH was the first payment facility that the sellers use. You can say I have witnessed all the changes that GCASH has gone through – from the design of the card and the cash-in facilities. I love that through the years, GCASH has continuously improve the lives of the users and consumers to make payments and bank transfers easier. 
GCASH makes a significant move to the bank world by introducing GCASH to bank to bank to GCASH transactions in less than 3 minutes. The most amazing thing is – GCASH instapay to banks is FREE of Charge. 

GCASH Instapay to Banks:

GCash users can now use GCash to transfer funds to over 30 banks for FREE. This Service is powered by InstaPay, an initiative of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas that allows you to electronically transfer funds to and from banks in real time as well as non-bank e-money issuers in the Philippines. Funds can be transferred through mobile wallets and internet banking facility. 
Here are the GCASH supported banks: 

 Bank of the Philippine Islands 
Landbank of the Philippines 
Security Bank Corporation 
Unionbank of the Philippines Philippine 
National Bank 
China Banking Corporation 
East West Bank 
PS Bank 
Bank of Commerce
China Bank Savings 
CTBC Bank 
Dungganon Bank 
ISLA Bank 
Malayan Bank Savings 
Partner Rural Bank (Cotabato) 
Philippine Business Bank 
Philippine Trust Company 
Philippine Veterans Bank 
PNB Savings Bank 
RCBC Savings Bank 
Robinsons Bank Corporation
Sterling Bank of Asia 
Sun Savings Bank 
UCPB Savings Bank 
Yuanta Savings Bank
I transferred money from my GCASH to Paypal and the process was done in less than 3 minutes – real time!
GCASH Instapay to Banks:
How to transfer money from GCASH to Bank for Free

First, I did a cash-in via Paypal. I linked this account to manage my finances well. You can read the steps and how-to on this blog. 
1. Open GCASH app in your mobile phone. 
2. Click on Send Money > Send to Bank
3. On the Bank Transfer page, select your preferred bank.
4. Enter the amount, account name, account number and email address (note that the app doesn’t accept independent email addresses such as my domain’s. It is safe to use @gmail account).
5. Click Send Money. 

GCASH Instapay to Banks:
I transferred GCASH to BDO and the process did not take long. The amount is reflected real-time. 
You will instantly receive the money in your bank account. An SMS and email notification will also be sent to your inbox. 
GCASH Instapay to Banks:
I love how easy and convenient it is! It saves me time and energy.  I remember spending hours in the bank lining up just to pay for a purchase online (because my bank doesn’t support bank transfer to the seller’s bank account!). Now it would be easier to pay for purchases online and instapay to banks. 
GCASH Instapay to Banks:
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Have you tried GCASH instapay?
How do you use your GCASH?

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