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How I Use the New Maya App to Grow My Money

May 19, 2022

When I first became a netizen, I remember being so fearless about discovering things online, and even making transactions – from buying and selling things, and closing business deals. I had an early exposure to the internet because of my sisters who are in the IT industry. I explored opportunities that became my side hustle (or sideline as what we used to call them). I remember doing the traditional ways of paying for purchases, or receiving payments until I embraced new financial apps and digital innovations in the Philippines.

PayMaya is one of my trusted digital apps that help me manage my finances – including paying my bills, or receiving payments from my clients. I love how PayMaya helps me save time, while earning cashbacks and rewards.

So when I heard that PayMaya just recently transformed into Maya, I was excited. From being an e-wallet, it is now an all-in-one money app complete with an integrated digital bank, and with exciting new features that will elevate how we save, spend, manage and grow our money. Truly, the new Maya has everything you need for all things money. It’s everything and a bank.

Let me talk about Maya’s new features and how I use them to manage and grow my money:

Maya app Savings with 6% interest

Savings: We can instantly save our money just by transferring it from our Maya wallet to Maya Savings. It offers a 6% introductory rate for savings – one of the highest offered in the market. Most of the banks offer only a 1.12% to 4% interest rate per annum. The best part is we can easily transfer our Maya Savings to Maya wallet in case of emergency, and it is also insured by the PDIC (up to Php 500,000). Maya Savings’ features are hosted by its own BSP licensed digital bank – so you can expect your experience to be seamless! Soon, Maya users can also set aside part of their savings in a new feature called Goals – where they can save up specifically for their life’s different milestones like launching a business, taking a vacation or going back to school, and still earn 6%!

Credit: Borrowed money, in a form of credit, is not bad at all, especially if you know how to handle it. In my case, I make sure that I pay my credit card in full and on time. With the new Maya app, you can instantly get up to Php15,000 with Maya Credit which you can use to pay your bills, and groceries, buy load or even make a purchase. There is no need to go through a long process of credit card application – if you’re an eligible user, you’ll get to access your credit line in seconds! Would like to note though, that this feature is currently on Early Access, and is available for selected users only. The credit limit for this also depends on the user’s eligibility.

How to Buy Crypto in Maya App

Crypto: For years, I have been so curious about Crypto especially since I know alot of friends who have invested in this new type of currency. I am excited that Maya allows users to easily buy, sell, hold, or even spend crypto earnings via the Maya app. There is no need to register to different applications or site and remember different log-in credentials. You just easily open the Crypto feature of the Maya app and buy different cryptocurrencies. I already started my Crypto journey and bought it a few weeks ago. I bought Tether with my initial investment of Php 500. With just a few clicks on the app, I can easily monitor how my Crypto is doing in the market. As a newbie, I also find it very useful that Maya features guides for crypto in the app through their learn tab. The best part is, I can buy crypto for as low as Php 1!

Wallet: Maya is still a favorite e-wallet app that allows me to keep and manage my money – I can instantly pay my bills, or buy myself a little something. I earn rewards and cashback from these transactions which I also save on my Maya wallet. Cash-in is convenient just by linking my banks, or visiting 90,000 touchpoints nationwide that offer Cash In for FREE.

Maya also ensures that we have a fun experience in using the app. It is the first financial app that offers “Dark Mode”. Interestingly, Maya will also launch a new feature that would allow us to send money by just typing @username . It is truly a very personalized way of sending money and gifts.

Have you guys updated your PayMaya to Maya app?

Make sure that you also join the Maya Early Access Challenge to get a chance to become the first Maya Bitcoin Millionaire! Check out for more details.

Maya Bitcoin Millionaire

I am excited to master my money with the new features of Maya.

How about you? How do you plan to use the new Maya app?

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