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Achieving My Financial Goals Faster with Maya’s Daily 6% interest rate!

November 3, 2022

Developing a habit of saving money and achieving ipon goals are much more fun and easier now with the Maya app (formerly known as PayMaya).

Maya, has become my go-to app for savings since its launch in April. Just recently, the all-in-one banking app has made its offers even better – so achieving our ipon goals is a breeze!

To start, Maya now lets you earn interest on THE DAILY! Personally, I love this feature because I get to see how much my funds are growing by just placing it on Maya Savings. With Maya, you’re literally making money everyday!

This daily interest starts at an already high rate of 4.5% p.a, but you can further boost this to 6% for 30 days when you do specific transactions like paying bills or buying groceries. This is pretty awesome because I already do these transactions – only now, paying them with Maya gives me an additional perk of growing my money even more.

If you’re interested in growing your money even more with Maya, you just need to complete ANY of these transactions until November 30, 2022.

  1. Pay at least P250 via Maya QR
  2. Pay at least P250 online via your Maya mobile number
  3. Pay at least P250 via your Maya card
  4. Settle a bill in your Maya app worth at least P250.

Now that your savings interest is boosted, let’s head to other nifty features of Maya Savings.

Just like paying for our purchases and bills, saving money can be done digitally and we can replicate the envelope method through Maya’s Personal Goals feature.

Remember when we used to keep different envelopes for different expenses or savings goals? Personally, I no longer use the old method since most of my financial transactions are digital – be it paying for my bills, receiving payments from clients, or investing through Crypto – I can do everything through the Maya app.

Maya recently added a new feature under the Savings feature – the Personal Goals. This allows users to save for different purposes – like saving for a big purchase like a gadget upgrade, travel fund, or business capital. Users can set up to 5 goals with a savings target and a specific deadline for each. I like that it allows us to keep track of our savings and stay focused on financial goals.

The best part, we can enjoy 6% interest rate for savingsthis is one of the highest rates in the country, and it is available until December 31, 2022.

I really like the Personal Goals feature because it helps me organize my financial plan and savings goals – not to mention that it lets me earn 6% interest until the end of the year. I can easily access it through the Maya app on my mobile, and conveniently add savings from my Maya Wallet or Savings account in just an instant. No need to go to the bank, or keep the money at home.

How to start a Personal Goal in the Maya app:

Starting a Personal Goal or savings goal in the Maya app is easy and safe:

1. On your Maya app, go to Savings.

2. Tap Personal Goals

3. In the screen, you can select the mood that best fits your particular goal. I added fun emojis to my Personal Goals that correspond to specific goal.

4. Type in the goal name, due date, and goal amount. I like that I can be creative with the goal names. Hit continue.

5. Check your goal details, then tap Confirm. A system-generated OTP will be sent to your registered number. Key in the OTP.

6. Deposit money to start your saving goals. You may deposit via your Maya Wallet or Savings account.

7. Enjoy 6% interest rate until end of the year!

Since I currently have an emergency fund saved in another account, I created different Personal Goals for different funds – Fan Girl Fund, Espresso Grinder Fund, and More Travel Fund. I set different timelines for each goal.

This is how my Personal Goals look like.

I love that at a quick glance, I can see my percentage progress on each of my Personal Goals. You can set goals even for small purchases, the first goal is to develop the habit of saving money – and with the Maya app, we can get to our Personal Goals faster.

Maya Savings is a BSP-licensed digital bank and is PDIC insured of up to P500,000 so we can rest assured that our funds are safe and secure.

Don’t have your own Maya Savings account yet? Now is the best time to open one – because you get a free Maya card when you deposit at least P500 to your account!

Download Maya app on iOS and GooglePlay.

What Personal Financial Goals do you want to achieve?

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  1. Thankyou for this informative financial goals teacher ruth! I’ll be saving money now with the Maya app.

    1. Yey! I am glad you find it helpful!
      I wish I were as financially literate when I was your age. Good to start young! 💜

  2. Oh, i never knew there’s a feature of maya where you can save, thanks for sharing teacher… 💜💜💜

  3. Nice naman nitong MAYA, pwedeng pwede pa makahabol sa 6% interest nila.
    Super ganda ng APP na ito dahil very convenient at hassle free na ang mga transaction lalo sa pagiipon ng pera, at pagpapadala.

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