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Practicing Money Skills through Money Games

November 20, 2022

I am one of those who used to dread anything Math when I was still in school – particularly, Algebra and Trigonometry. I remember asking myself if I would need these skills when I face the real world.

Now that I am navigating life and managing my finances, knowledge of Basic Math is a life skill. Every day we encounter addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. When we go shopping, we need to understand percentages; and in growing our money, we have to advance our skills in learning investment and the importance of time.

I was browsing through several Money Games online and found really interesting games that would help us develop and master these Math skills. Here are some of the games I tried:

Tweeze Coins. It is a simple game that kids can play to practice their counting skills. You simply click on the coins and deposit them to the Gum Machine. This is something that my nephew and I can play and enjoy.

money games online

Cash Back. In real life, I love cash backs on my purchases and transactions. This online game challenges you to give the exact change based on the scenario given.

money games online

You can choose from different levels, and I chose the Difficult Round to help me sharpen my skills while pressed with time. It is a fun game to play when you love shopping and counting money.

money games online

LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect. It is always a dream for me to acquire real properties and build buildings and businesses that would earn me money. I got the feel and experience of building and protecting my properties through this game hosted by LEGO and Nickelodeon.

money games online

I enjoyed digging pieces of Lego to build more buildings wherein I can collect “taxes” which I can use to build more buildings. To give a little challenge to the game, I also have to put out a fire and stop bulgarly to keep the citizens safe and the metropolis thriving.

I got so engaged in the game (as I earn a lot of money) and started expanding and developing another zone. You can see that real properties can really give you money even without your body working.

money games online

Have you guys tried playing these games? How do you practice your money skills?

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