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7 Company Holiday Party Ideas Your Colleagues Will Love

October 30, 2019
7 Company Holiday Party Ideas Your Colleagues Will Love
The company party is one of the most anticipated company events of the year. Naturally, you.  want to make it a big success, but it is always a challenge coming up with ideas that will offer your colleagues an unforgettable experience.

Most corporate holiday events tend to be a bit stale. Luckily for you, there are many unique ideas and
themes for a company holiday party, and below are just some of them.
1. Organize a Christmas office potluck.
Who doesn’t like a designated food day? Although this one might be a classic, having a potluck and
giving your colleagues an opportunity to show off their cooking or baking skills never gets old. Due to the amount and variety of food, potlucks offer something for everyone. And the best thing about this office feast is that it tends to be more budget-friendly.
2. Have a beach company outing.
Everyone loves a beach party! Surprise your colleagues with a company outing under the sun in a white-sand beach resort in Batangas or other popular beach destination that offers pristine beaches and exclusive access to amazing snorkeling and diving sites. Additionally, you can dare your colleagues to wear beach clothes, sandals, and bikinis.
3. Throw a Christmas party at a hotel.
If you’re not tight on budget, you may want to consider throwing something extravagant. Some hotels
offer affordable and incredible Christmas party packages that include abundant buffet meal plans, live
music, as well as raffle prizes for smaller companies. In addition, most hotels will include their facilities in the package, so your colleagues might get a chance to enjoy the pool, steam room, and other fancy facilities.
4. Volunteer in the community.
If you’re a small group, one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday spirit is by giving back to the
community. Find a local non-profit organization and volunteer with your colleagues. Cook a meal for a homeless shelter, throw a party in a home for seniors, or organize a gift giveaway for children in the
orphanage. When you help others, you’re reaping the same benefits as the recipients of your kindness.
5. Arrange a Christmas office murder mystery.
If you want to surprise your colleagues with something unconventional, organizing a Christmas office
murder party may be the perfect team-building activity for you. From the moment your colleagues walk into the office, they will be swept into a world of crime. Everyone in attendance has a chance of
experiencing the role of either a detective or a suspect. Make sure to provide appropriate theme
materials, such as suspect binders and light costume dress-ups as it will help everyone stay in character. Being in the appropriate costume also helps create the atmosphere and increases the impact of the whole game.
6. Bring-your-family day.
Why not celebrate your Christmas with both family and work colleagues? Open the office doors to
family members and coworkers’ guests for a day full of fun. It’s a perfect way to acknowledge both
families and staff members in a relaxed and social environment with something entertaining for all ages.
7. Hold a contest for decorating the workplace.
Make your workplace an ideal image of Christmas joy throughout the holiday season as you and your
colleagues decorate cubicles or other spaces in your office through friendly competition. The best way to ensure people are engaged is to make it into a contest to add extra motivation to individuals,
encouraging them to outdo their colleagues as well as themselves.
Christmas is a time of joy, giving, and helping others, and your celebration should show it. Make full use of your organizing committee and ask for everyone’s ideas so you can come up with a party that your colleagues will enjoy. At the same time, don’t forget to delegate tasks and coordinate with each other to make sure that everyone, including the organizing committee members, will have a blast during the celebration.

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