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GCash: For Girls Who Just Wanna Have Fun

October 29, 2019
We oftentimes learn from our biggest mistakes. Take for example, this girl’s biggest lesson on traveling with GCASH. 

I’ve been a digital wallet convert for a while now after having experienced the many wonders it can do to make life’s chores uncomplicated and less painful. Now, I am looking at it with new eyes, convinced more than ever that it has become more of a necessity than a luxury especially when traveling either for work or for pleasure.

I don’t get to travel very much. Most of the time, I just use the holidays to catch up on sleep or bond with the family. But last year, on the All Souls Day break, I went on a trip abroad with friends for a much-needed break. We had too much fun that I got a bit short on my pocket money and I needed to use my debit card for the rest of my vacation. 

But the catch was, my debit card didn’t have enough! It has become a habit of mine to only transfer the exact amount I needed whenever I made purchases from my savings account to my debit card account for fear of fraud or theft.

I was about to panic, thinking of ways to deposit cash to my debit card: do I call a friend back home to borrow money and ask her to deposit it to my debit card account? But I didn’t want to bother anyone for my carelessness. Plus, my best friends were all with me (and also running low on funds) Then, it hit me. I have GCash!

I’ve been using GCash for some time now to pay all my bills and pay for my purchases from their partner merchants. I’ve also used it for money transfers whenever I am too impatient to wait in line at the bank.

Here’s what I did to solve my temporary money trouble during my trip: I simply cashed in from my savings account and from my GCash account, I transferred the money to my debit card account. (Both accounts are linked to my GCash app.) I finished the online transaction in less than five minutes.

This coming break, my friends and I have decided to take advantage of the All Saints Day break again to go on a shopping trip. This time: I’m coming prepared: I will stick to the budget and itinerary to avoid overspending. But if having too much fun can’t be helped, I’m making sure that my debit card has enough cash before the trip. And if all else fails, there’s GCash.

Personally, I also use GCASH even if I keep credit cards and cash during travels. 
How about you?

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