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Find Greater Value in Property Investment with BRIA Homes

October 23, 2020

Find Greater Value in Property Investment with BRIA Homes

We are living in increasingly trying times, and as the year 2020 unfolds, no relief seems to be in sight. our physical and emotional well-being but also our jobs and livelihood—and, consequently, our long-term survival.

One thing has become evident: it is not enough to live a comfortable life. Securing our future has become more crucial than ever. For many Filipinos, long-term security begins with acquiring their own homes, dwellings that provide everything that their families need—well-designed spaces for learning and work, access to transportation, proximity to essential locations, and recreational options, among others.

To achieve this, one must make the wise choice of investing in property from BRIA Homes, a spreading real estate company in the Philippines. In fact, for Red Rosales, president of BRIA Homes, there is no better time to do this than now.

“Every Filipino dreams of owning a home,” Rosales says. “Because of the uncertainties engendered by the pandemic, purchasing a superior-quality home that will last through the years remains a hardworking Filipino’s biggest aspiration.

“BRIA takes this to heart by offering Filipinos modern, well-built, and affordable house-and-lo packages located in safe and secure communities. This will afford them a greater sense of security and comfort because they know that properties are real and tangible assets that increase in value over time.”

A BRIA home is considered a worthy investment due to the services it offers that are attuned to the requirements of the times. For instance, BRIA’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) team is accessible 24/7 via their online platforms. And because BRIA Homes clearly safeguards the welfare of their residents, the latter can seek digital resolutions for their various property- related concerns through its Enhanced Property Management group.

BRIA’s future residents can expect reliable maintenance services for their units in the ensuing years. With BRIA’s reliable construction and engineering teams, dwellings are not only made of high-quality materials—these are designed for the long term.

With safety and security a more vital issue at this time, BRIA communities have 24-hour CCTV coverage, guarded entrances and exits, and perimeter fences. To keep the contagion away from its communities, BRIA management continues to enforce government-mandated protocols such as wearing of masks, social distancing, regular sanitation of community areas, and frequent hand-washing for BRIA residents and staff.

For all of BRIA’s investment-worthy features, aspiring homeowners are assured that buying a good-quality BRIA home is as easy as shelling out Php 2,994 per month through flexible payment schemes such as Pag-IBIG housing loans and bank financing. This affirms the leading real estate developer’s winning formula: Affordability (Mura) + Quality (Dekalidad) = a Beautiful BRIA Home for Every Filipino. 

As BRIA Homes values the convenience of its community members, bills and amortization payments may be transacted online. All BRIA communities have provisions for reliable Internet connections—considered a basic necessity in the new normal where face-to-face interactions are not encouraged.

Another viable option for investors is property rental. With so many Filipino households in need of a high-quality home, renting out a BRIA Home can generate passive income. Family  members that need to commute or drive to work will appreciate BRIA’s access to public transport vehicles and major roads and highways. The rest of the household will enjoy proximity to retail centers, schools, hospitals, and churches.

All BRIA communities have Sentro that has eco-friendly spaces with solar lights, multi-purpose halls, covered basketball courts, community center and children’s playgrounds. “We welcome all Filipinos, aspiring homeowners and property investors alike, to the BRIA family with confidence and enthusiasm,” Rosales says.

“As a leader in housing development, BRIA has built over 50 communities in progressive town and cities all over the country, with more projects in the pipeline. Soon, more Filipinos will ensure a solid future for their families and live safe and secure lives through BRIA Homes.”

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