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Guide for Guys on Buying an Engagement Ring

October 21, 2020

Guide for Guys on Buying an Engagement Ring

Hey guys, I hear you. Trying to figure out what ring design to choose, what jewellery design and designer to go with, what to spend on the perfect engagement ring, and what stone to choose can make it feel as though you have your work cut out for you. 

Do not let this worry you, though. An engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases you will make, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to do it right! After all, it is a purchase with a lot of symbolism attached to it, and it is only natural to want your fiancée to love the ring as much as you love them! Do not let the journey stress you out. I am here to help you make the best purchase decisions, and to help you get more bang for your buck even if you’re in need for a bad credit engagement ring financing plan when you buy!

Know her style

It is always a rule when gifting gift to know the receiver’s style; and it goes the same with engagement rings. Know if she likes gold, silver or two-toned rings. Does she like old-fashioned style, minimalist, or maximalist designs? These are the questions you have to ask yourself first. 

Decide on the Budget

Getting married and starting a new life can be a costly life decision. I am sure your significant other will appreciate a gift of a better life after signing the marriage contract, than an engagement ring you cannot afford. 

Do your research

Listen to friends and family when they recommend jewellers to you. Chances are that your friends and family will have an idea of your tastes and preferences and make recommendations accordingly. If you have no personal leads, don’t worry. Start by checking for affiliations to industry organisations, like the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). Also make sure what the returns policies are at the shop that you choose – hopefully, you don’t need it, but it is useful to know!

The Four Cs

This refers to the official diamond grading system, which is now commonly accessible in conventional diamond sales. The four C’s will help you to comprehend what you are buying, and what the variables are that you might have to bear in mind when looking for a diamond. Is a flawless diamond better than a regular one? What is the price difference? Can I get a cheap but elegant engagement ring? Here is what the C’s stand for: 


Cut refers to the sparkle factor of the diamond, rather than the shape. Cuts range from excellent to poor, and cuts are done according to specific parameters to determine the amount of light that is bounced back to the eye. 


This is the weight unit for the size or weight of a diamond. An average engagement ring diamond is one carat, sometimes ranging up to 2 carats.


The presence or absence of inclusions on a diamond affects its clarity. A stone that might seem perfect to the naked eye might have a few micro-inclusions, in the form of black or white speckles or lines. A flawless diamond has no inclusions, and the fewer inclusions a stone has, the higher its value. 


Diamonds span a spectrum of colors. The most valuable diamonds are 100% colorless, like water. The color scale ranges from D (pure white) to Z, which is yellow. Recent times have seen increased interest in coloured diamonds, like pink or brown, although these are artificially dyed. 

Very few diamonds’ flaws and inclusions can be seen with the naked eye. This means that you can go for that cheap engagement ring if that is what you can afford, as no-one will be any the wiser unless the inspect in under a microscope!

I hope you find these tips helpful. Let me know once she says, “yes”!

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