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Gift Ideas for Moms (According to Her Love Language)

May 9, 2021
Gift Suggestions for Moms (According to Her Love Language)Gift Suggestions for Moms (According to Her Love Language)

I always try to make everyday, Mother’s Day. I try to spoil my mom (even if sometimes, there are food she can no longer eat due to her health).

On the second Sunday of May (today), the whole world celebrate Mother’s Day. I used to send mom flowers, but few years back she asked me to give her money instead. 😀  Before thinking of giving gifts, I think it is important to know one’s Love Language first.

I missed this kind of pampering.

  • Gifts (check out the list below for suggestions!)
  • Time (spend more time with mom! I personally watch with her a teleserye, even if I don’t like the storyline). You can also join her in the kitchen and cook with her.
  • Acts of Service (do the grocery or laundry for her, maybe?) When the lockdown started, I do her mani and pedi. Hehe
  • Touch (big hugs!!!) 🤗
  • Words of Affirmation (write her letters, or tell her you appreciate her – personally, I can be annoying to her and tease her most of the time)

I also read a 6th Love Language which is Space. I feel that this is also my love language. I love my me-time where I can reconnect with myself – and for that I can give more of myself for others. So give moms Space if they need that space at night.

 If you want to be creative and you are still out thinking and looking for gifts for moms, here are some ideas for you.

1. Give your mom a day off in the kitchen. Cooking is a whole new level of acts of service. 💗 I can imagine the love that mothers give to family to cook meals everyday. Treat your mom to a day off and have meals delivered instead. Here is an affordable family meal from Kenny Rogers. #KennysGarlicButterRoast #KennyRogersPH. ♥️🍗

The Garlic Butter Chicken is back with whole chicken, side dishes and bottle of Pepsi. You can just arrange and set up the table nicely, and enjoy the meal.  The 2 new side dishes are also super good – Orzo Salad and Cauliflower Gratin.

Kenny Roger's Garlic Butter Chicken

The Garlic Butter Group Meal which has a whole garlic butter chicken, four side dishes, four rice and homemade muffins, and a 1.5 liter of Pepsi for only P1,060.00.

Kenny Roger's Garlic Butter Chicken
2. A month supply of her favorite skin care products. Moms always put the needs of others before theirs. It is time to treat them to their favorite skin care products (so they could save their money to other things they want).
Gift Suggestions for Moms (According to Her Love Language)
Gift Suggestions for Moms (According to Her Love Language)
Pond’s Age Miracle is currently on sale at Lazada and Shopee at 50% , so take advantage of the promo.

Buy Pond’s Age Miracle here:

3. Defense Kit and Vitamins. It is always a thoughtful gift to give them something to keep them safe from the COVID-19 virus.

Gift Suggestions for Moms (According to Her Love Language)

I love Hygienix Alcohol. You can just put it in a basket and put them on the bedside table for their use.

Buy Hygienix here:

Buy Centrum Silver here:

4. Comfortable Lounge Wear. You guys know where to go for comfortable lounge wear – Uniqlo. In this weather, we just want to be comfortable at home (but still look stylish). I love the pajammies at Uniqlo, and I am sure moms would love them, too.

5. Money Cake! If you guys want to be creative at giving money, order a money cake and surprise mom with money out of the cake. I saw one bake shop which customizes Money Cakes. Check out Cecille’s Cakeshop. I think it would be fun to receive one.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Always make everyday a Mom’s Day! 💐


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