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Touching Video: Grab Surprises Riders with Grocery Deliveries

May 2, 2021

Touching Video:  Grab Surprises Riders with Grocery Deliveries
Is it just me, or is it true that when people get older, we became more emotional and little things touch our hearts and make us cry? Lately, I find myself shedding tears (not because I am sad.); more often, I am happy because I am blessed in so many ways. 
I rarely write reaction blog on anything, but here I am typing away my feelings about the video released by Grab to pay tribute to our dear riders on Labor Day. 

I have been a Grab user for so many years. I still remember when Grab Car was first launched in the Philippines. Do you remember this old blog I wrote? 

I was also there during the launch of Grab Heli and Grab Taxi in Davao.

So many memories with Grab! I rarely get to use the Grab Car service now because I no longer go out and go to events, but Grab Food is always a favorite feature.  It is nice to see favorite brands take care of their employees, too. 

You can watch the video here:

In the video, you would see the usual scenario where Grab riders go to the location and deliver the goods. When they reach the destination, they would find a big green box with their names on the card. It turns out to be a “prank” to surprise them with a box of GrabMart items, groceries and essentials from favorite brands: NestlĂ©, PepsiCo, Robinsons Supermarket, Unilever, Eden and Bioflu. 

I felt their excitement as they unboxed the gift! 

Friends sometimes ask me how I feel about receiving gifts/kits everyday, and I say, I still always get excited and thankful (no matter how big or small the box is). I also try to do the same (send gifts to friends or order food via Grab Food and send to friends. I called it #bloggermailproject) so I could also share the feeling of excitement I feel whenever I receive gifts.

Reaction Blog: Grab Mart for Your Rider

I am happy that Grab riders get to experience that same feeling through Groceries For Your Rider, which lets patrons purchase groceries from participating GrabMart stores for their designated Ate and Kuya Riders.! Kudos to Grab for initiating this heartwarming tribute. 

Touching Video:  Grab Surprises Riders with Grocery Deliveries

Grab Delivery Riders are the ones who make things happen during the pandemic – they make sure that essentials are delivered, and important documents are sent on time. I love that Grab expands its services by introducing other services like Mart and Pabili. These features allow us to save time so we can focus on our work, while providing livelihood to riders.  

There is truly no big or small roles in our lives, and if GRAB RIDER is the job title under your name, I am proud of you. 

What do you think of the #GrabMartForYourRider video?

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