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MyPharma: Health Care that Knows You

June 2, 2021
buy medicine online via mypharma

In this time of COVID-19, staying home continues to be your best defense against contracting this potentially
lethal virus. It is a good thing then that with modern technology, we can now buy our basic necessities
online. We order food, purchase all sorts of items, including groceries, and use various apps to order
just about anything. And now, a new and friendlier option to buy our medicines online is here- MyPharma—our
friendly and smart neighbor pharmacist!

An online pharmacy born out of necessity, MyPharma holds a firm belief that taking care of your health
should be as easy as saying “hi” to family and friends. This is the reason MyPharma is always willing and ready to serve Filipinos wherever, whenever. All you have to do is visit, and your reliable neighbor pharmacist will take care of not only your medicine-related needs, but also your daily essentials. It indeed makes buying medicine online a lot easier.

Owned and operated by Dygen Pharma Distribution Corporation (DPDC), this online platform offers hassle-free
health care that makes it possible for anyone to safely get what they need when they need it. It offers correct and
useful information to customers when they are buying medicines. It also goes above and beyond to ensure that
your online buying experience is SAFER—superb, authentic, fair, easy, and reliable—because you deserve it.

At MyPharma, you are the priority, and your friendly neighbor pharmacist will make you feel that everything you
buy is an investment towards a healthier you. It will also make sure that you are getting value for your hard-earned
money by offering you genuine, high-quality products that are sourced from trustworthy brands. MyPharma will
also give you all the fine details of every product, so you can make informed choices before buying anything. Your
friendly neighbor pharmacist will also guarantee smooth, seamless, and straightforward transactions every time,
all the time. Just as important, it will make sure that all your orders are delivered safe right at your doorstep!

By going to, you are assured of a wide range of products, including vitamins and supplements, over-
the-counter medicines and treatments, self-care products that gives relief, and mom and baby essentials. Soon,
prescription medicines will also be available. The best part is that you can shop at MyPharma the way you would
at any other online site. It is best to register your account so ordering will be a breeze and you will also receive

exclusive offers as a registered user. Browsing and searching for your necessities is also easy, not to mention
shipping and payment options are available based on your personal preferences.
There is no doubt that in these are trying times, we need to be extra careful and stay safe. With MyPharma, you
won’t have to worry about braving long queues, facing traffic, and potentially exposing yourself to viruses because
your everyday essentials are available in the site.
Register now and get free digital thermometer on your first order! For more details, visit
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