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ADM: New Wisium Premix Line in the Philippines

November 17, 2021

As the lockdown started easing up, it is exciting to see more businesses expanding their presence and reach in the global market. I just attended a press conference today with ADM a global leader in animal nutrition that announced a new premix production line in the Philippines.

This investment positions ADM’s premix and nutrition services, as a major premix producer in the country with tailor-made, high-quality nutrition solutions that help farmers and feedmillers create value through performance, productivity and profitability. 

ADM entered the Asian market more than 30 years ago and is already an established, important supplier of agricultural commodities and specialty ingredients for both the food and feed sectors. Wisium Premix offer was launched in the Philippines in February 2018, with a focus on supplying to local feed producers – including the swine and poultry sectors – and leveraging ADM’s global expertise through a holistic approach to production management. The last three months have seen Wisium offer expand in both China and Vietnam. 

‘’The start-up of the Wisium premix line in the Philippines fits into our development strategy, proving our commitment to serve the local industry needs, providing quality products and services. This will not only create new opportunities in the country, especially in this time of pandemic, but will also give farmers and feed producers new perspectives regarding nutrition,’’ said Dr. Loren Mapua, Managing Director of ADM Animal Nutrition Philippines.

With a customer-oriented mission and vision for long term security, flexibility, and reliability, Wisium Philippines has been continuously expanding its offerings to deliver innovative solutions and value-added services, that are adapted to local market demands. 

The new premix line will enable Wisium to offer the following products and services in the Philippines:

  1. Micro and Macro Premix: a wide range of premixes customized to each species, animal life stage, and customer needs. 
  2. Near Infrared Technologies: offering quick predictions of nutrient values to ensure quality of raw materials and finished feed. 

WeanUp Concept: a complete range of products and services adapted to every stage of a piglet’s growth. 

Natural AGP Alternatives: nutritional solutions developed to address specific zootechnical challenges related to demedication. 

Michael Pasco, Clare Torralba, Sheley Dacanay, Marilyn Rocafort, Eski Esquivel, Lorenzo Mapua, Daniel Olivo, Dominador Durano, Mark Laviña, Jean Piveteau and Joel Bonilla

“The market is very demanding, and we constantly have to adapt our offer to industrial farmers and feed millers, taking into account the evolving nutritional requirements for each species. This is directly related to genetics, farm management, and nutrition. Our role is to take care of the latter so our farmers can focus on the other aspects of animal farming. The opening of our Wisium premix line further strengthens our position in the industry to help farmers achieve their goal of growing safe and healthy animals, by providing them the best nutrition available,’’ said Dr. Eski Esquivel, Industrial Business Director of ADM Animal Nutrition Philippines.

The new Wisium premix line located inside the ADM Compound in San Rafael, Bulacan, was inaugurated on November 17, 2021 via an online platform in live broadcast.

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