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Shopee Find: Japanese Snacks from Meiji

December 5, 2021

Japan is one of my favorite countries, and I love everything about Japan – from the people, culture, tourist destinations, food and snacks. It is always a joy to discover interesting snacks from Japanese stores and convenience stores. Of course, we all grow up with Yan Yan.

Now, we can order our favorite Japanese Snacks from Meiji through Shopee. Here are some of the exciting snacks that you can buy from Meiji via the Shopee app. I am sure you are all familiar with them, being the staple “pasalubong” from Japan or simply our favorite buy. These could make a good Holiday Gift, too!

Meiji Hello Panda Assorted Box 260g

This is a well-loved snack which was first released in Japan in 1979. This Meiji Hello Panda Assorted Box makes a perfect gift this Holiday Season. It contains 4 foil bags of Chocolate Flavor (26g each), 3 foil bags of Strawberry Flavor (26g each), and 3 foil bags of Milk Flavor (26g each).

Meiji Macadamia Black Chocolate 58g (Set of 5)

Another good Holiday Gift is the Meiji Macadamia Black Chocolate. Made from genuine, high-quality macadamia nuts, smooth chocolate texture with a crunchy nutty core. What I love about Meiji products is the chocolates are not too sweet!

Meiji Fran Chocolate (Set of 5)

If you love snacking on Biscuit Sticks dipped in Chocolate Cream, this is the best snack for you. The Meiji Fran Chocolate 5 Boxes is priced at Php 210. Super good deal and perfect gift to your friends who want to discover new Japanese Snacks.

Check out the Grand Dragon PH Store on Shopee for more Japanese Goodies.

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