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Why Buying A Home In Singapore Is A Sound Investment: A Guide For Foreigners

February 11, 2022
singapore night view

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city-state nestled in Southeast Asia, and has enjoyed significant levels of
economic growth over the past decade. In terms of beautiful spots which attract millions of tourists
year after year, it’s home to the Gardens by the Bay, the Marina Sands Skypark Observation Deck,
Singapore Zoo, the Orchard Road shopping area, the Singapore Flyer observation wheel, and plenty
more. There is also a total of 7 beaches on the island. So, why not buy a home for yourself or your
family there? Here we have come up with a piece on why buying a home in Singapore is a sound
investment. Carry on reading to discover more.

Photo by Larry Teo on Unsplash

The Garden City Is A Lovely Place To Live And Explore

One of the primary reasons foreigners want to buy homes in Singapore is that it is a brilliant place to
live. There’s always plenty going on in Singapore. Do you want a sumptuous culinary experience and
an opportunity to taste local food? Visit one of the city-state’s hawker centres where you can marvel
at the chef’s work as they cook your meal. The Chinatown district is also a stunning sight, with the
iconic Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Yu Huang Gong Temple of the Heavenly Emperor.
Singapore is a city that’s always well-looked and kept pristine clean. You will be amazed when
walking the streets at how clean public places are. It’s genuinely a place geared around visitors and
their needs. There are many exciting corners of Singapore, and you will always find yourself
discovering new ones when you live there.

Property Is A Wise Investment Choice

There are various benefits that come with deciding to invest in property, such as returns, rental
income, reliable cash flow, and having an asset. Investing in property isn’t just a smart financial
choice. It can also be a wise lifestyle choice if you visit the property regularly as a holiday place or a
second home instead of renting it out. Having a second home allows you to spend time in a lovely
home in a fascinating location that always has plenty for you to do and see, such as Singapore.

You Could Easily Resell Your Singapore Pad In The Future

Anyone buying a home needs to think about the future and whether they could successfully resell
the home in question for a profit at a later date. Singapore has a pretty active housing market, with
locals and foreigners continually buying and selling houses. So, fear not, provided you maintain your
property well, and it’s in a desirable neighbourhood, you should be able to resell your home in
Singapore with relative ease.

Check out this article to learn more about the process for reselling a flat in Singapore and
downpayment for resale hdb. When looking at flats to buy, try and think about investing in a flat
that you know will be attractive to buyers in the future. Remember that when it comes to homes, it’s
all about location, location, location, so check out the local amenities and whether the place is near
to spots people enjoy visiting in Singapore.

Rent The Place Out For Extra Source Of Income

Another option is buying a home in Singapore as a buy-to-let option. What are the benefits of
renting out your place in Singapore? Well, it can provide you with a constant stream of income.
Singapore is highly popular with visitors and tourists. You could rent your home out to tenants for
fixed periods of 6 or 12 months or rent it out to tourists and holidaymakers on platforms like Airbnb.
If you manage things right and keep the place well serviced and adequately maintained, you could
potentially make a healthy profit from letting out your plush home in Singapore.

Have A Go At Entertaining Guests In Your New Place

One of the reasons why you should buy a property in Singapore is that it will allow you to make
happy memories and spend quality time in the city-island with those close to you. Are you notorious
amongst your family and friends for being someone who enjoys hosting and entertaining guests?
Buying a home in Singapore is an excellent opportunity to entertain guests in an incredible setting.
Do you have kids or grandkids? Think about how you can create precious memories by inviting them
over to your new abode in Singapore. Going to hotels and eating at restaurants in Singapore is
amazing, and there are many unique outlets with 5-star quality food. However, there’s nothing quite
like rustling up a delicious homemade meal in your own kitchen for your guests.

These are a few reasons why we believe investing in a home in Singapore is a sound investment.
Whether you decide to spend lots of time there yourself or rent the place out to
tenants/holidaymakers, Singapore is a special place where anyone would enjoy living.

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