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Manila to Athens Flight via Scoot Singapore | Fly to Greece for Only Php 10,754!

January 11, 2018
Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens
Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athen

Surprises always come in my messenger. I received a message asking if I have a valid Schengen Visa. I said, it has expired. Why?

We want to fly you to Athens. 

Are you kidding me? Greece? Athens? Is this serious?

They are dead serious. They sent a proposal to my inbox with all the exciting things waiting for me in Athens. They want me to experience a Greek Winter Holiday!

That was in October 2017. The first thing I thought, it is impossible to secure a Schengen Visa especially that we were planning to fly to Korea (well, we flew to Taiwan instead).  My passport would be held hostage in one of the embassies. There are so many considerations (do I have the budget? – because you know, all-expense paid trips are not always free) 

But it is as if the forces of the universe has conspired, I got my visa and my parents said okay for me to fly to Greece!

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I was originally set to fly with THE @rodmagaru but he had to decline early on because of work and expiring passport (boo). I know my mom won’t allow me to fly alone. We thought, maybe @rodelflordeliz was available to fly. After several approvals and a few discussion on the best dates to fly, we decided to visit Greece after Christmas and before the New Year.

And the story goes…

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens

Filipinos can now fly from Manila to Athens via Scoot!  Scoot is a low-cost carrier and a Singapore Airlines subsidiary which had their inaugural flight to Athens from Changi Airport.

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Scoot currently have flights to India, China, Germany, Japan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Macau, and Greece. I heard there would be a flight soon to Berlin! Who is excited?

Scoot gives flexibility to passengers on how they want to travel the world depending on their budget and needs. There are 3 options – Fly, FlyBag and FlyBagEat.  Then of course, there is ScootBiz – that is, flying in business class.

You can customize your flight according to your needs during the long-haul flight. You can add meals for long-haul flight or snacks, snooze kit, an in-flight entertainment or additional luggage. You can also choose your seats for more leg room. 
Here’s our flight experience flying with Scoot from Manila to Athens (with layover in Singapore). All opinions are mine and based on our flight experience.

Scoot flies from NAIA Terminal 1. Our flight is at 9:45 and we decided to meet up earlier to avoid the traffic or possibly missing the flight.

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens

While waiting to check in, Scoot conducts random baggage checks of passengers.

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens
Not too excited to fly. Really. 

We initially got a 20 kgs baggage allowance but we thought it would be best to upgrade to 30 kgs since Winter Clothes and Jackets/Coats are heavier to pack. Scoot gives flexibility to travelers by offering different baggage allowances for a minimal cost.

Scoot Airline Review Manila to Athens

I forgot to tell these bags to always stay together 

Check in process is smooth and easy. We then headed to the Lounge area and had light snacks.

Scoot Airline Review Manila to Athens

GetGo Unionbank Platinum Card Holder gets free access to NAIA 1 Lounge 👍
This is our new fave “tambayan” Haha

Manila to Singapore:
3.5 hours flight time

I was originally seated at the window seat but had to change seats with Rodel because I know I would be using the toilet often. I really hate flying when it is the time of the month.

For the flight from Manila to Singapore, we felt that we didn’t have enough legroom (this from someone who is 5’10 and has really long legs). For a typical Filipino built, I think it is just okay. It i s bearable for a short-haul flight.

Scoot Airline Review Manila to Athens

We were served dinner as soon as the airplane took off. I got Terriyaki Chicken, while Rodel got another Chicken Meal (he gave it to me). 😁

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens

This meal you can add on to your flight for Php 595. 

Scoot Airline Review Manila to Athens

For a low-cost airline, Scoot has pretty decent meals and snack choices

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens
Passengers who didn’t purchase any meal upon booking can purchase meals during flight through Scoot Cafe.

We had a 2-hour layover in Singapore. It is just perfect timing to freshen up, use the toilet, have coffee, drink water and update your social media status (say something like, /me is traveling to Athens) 🛫

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens

 Chiangi Airport has a really strict security. You cannot bring bottled water inside the boarding waiting area. But there is a water fountain in some gates where you can refill your bottled water (you are welcome!).  

Then, it was time to fly again…

Singapore to Athens: 

Scoot Airline Review Manila to Athens
When you check in Manila, there is no need to check in again in Singapore. You just go straight to the boarding gate (always check the updates). Same when flying back. No need to collect the luggage too. 


Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens
It was comforting to be seated in the ScootnSilence Zone
You pay additional to be seated in these rows. It is located in the front of the aircraft and is a designated space for those who can’t stand loud, nosey fellow passengers or heated discussions. No kids below 12 years old are allowed in this zone. Another advantage for booking in this seat, you are one of the firsts to disembark. There were only a few passengers in this area when we flew to Athens. 

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens
We were seated in the middle (no window view for us) but it is just perfect. 
I got to use the seat next to me 😁

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens

Standard ScootinSilence seat upgrade starts from PHP 1,715


Scoot Airline Review Manila to Athens

It is like being in a business class. We were seated near the toilet (but it doesn’t come with the usual toiletries like toothbrush, napkin or mouthwash – or even a cup for brushing teeth). This is a minor thing that I noticed though. It didn’t affect the overall flight experience.  Just make sure that you fly prepared with your toiletries. 

Here are the seat choices for your reference:

Standard Seats: all Economy Class seats have 31″ seat pitch and 18″seat width

Super Seats: 30% more legroom (up to 34″ pitch)

Stretch Seats: offer 50% more room that standard seats (at least 34″ pitch). They’re in the front row so there’s no seat in front (we got to sit in this row en route back to Manila! Winning!)

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review | Manila to Athens
At the front of the plane is the ScootBiz 
Scoot’s Business Class Area 


Scoot Airline Review Manila to Athens
As soon as we took off and settled, we were served our Long-Haul Flight Meal Bundle (you can add on for Php 1,750). 
We had chicken wrap, cashew nuts, biscuit and apple juice. 

I spent most of the flight time watching the series, sleeping and getting excited for Athens.

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog
Really like the hip and fun colors of Scoot

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog

In the middle of the flight, we were served meal. I had to use the next seat’s stow table to accommodate my needs for space and legroom. Rodel said if I have a seatmate, I would have a really hard time en route to Athens. 😁😁😁

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog

Scoot serves quality brands for the in-flight meals and not just generic brands. I was pleasantly surprised. Passengers get what they paid for. 

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog
Unlike other airllines which you can endlessly ask for water. I paid SG $4 for a bottle of Evian. As I don’t have SG dollars, I paid via Credit Card. 


Passengers may purchase an in-flight entertainment. They must download the ScootTV app. It offers: 

All-you-can-watch. For an all-in price of USD11 (approx. SGD15), you can now access over 100 favourite movies and TV shows on board. Your access will last the entire duration of your flight sector. Compatible with all devices. Whether you’re using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you’ll be able to access ScooTV on board.

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog

Since we didn’t avail of the in-flight entertainment, I flew prepared. I downloaded episodes of The Crown via NetfFlix. 

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog

Always love the Tent Mode of  @lenovo Yoga 900

By experience, I don’t get to use the airline’s in-flight entertainment. I usually bring my own movies or sleep the entire flight time (especially flying back home).  If you are like me, you can save on this by not adding this on your flight fare. 


Passengers are limited to 1 piece up to 10 kg, or 2 pieces including a laptop or handbag with combined weight not exceeding 10kg.

The standard check-in baggage allowance is 20 kg, but passengers have the options to upgrade to 30 kgs (we did!). Winter Clothes are heavy and we need space for shopping. I would suggest that you buy extra baggage allowance before the flight to save more. En route to Athens, my luggage weighed 20 kgs; flying back, it weighed 27 kgs. 🤩

For layovers and connecting flights, you can collect your baggage in the final destination (Athens).

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog

Rodel’s exercise plan includes keeping bags in the storage area. 


For those who are traveling for business or need to stay connected online, you can purchase Scoot Wifi On-board. 

Scoot’s Wifi On-board Prices

Tweet 20 20MB
    Before Flight: US$ 4.99 
During Flight: US$5.99
Great for messaging and texting
Data volume limit 20MB
64kpbs surfing speed limit

Explore 50 50MB
Before Flight: US$ 9.99    
During Flight: US$10.99
Stay connected with family and friends with social apps
Data volume limit 50MB

Surf 100 100MB
Before Flight: US$ 15.99
During Flight: US$17.99
Ideal for web browsing and socialising
Data volume limit 100MB

Indulge 200 200MB
Before Flight: US$ 29.99
During Flight: US$32.99
Perfect for email, web browsing, and music streaming
Data volume limit 200MB

Binge 500 500MB
Before Flight: US$ 59.99
During Flight: US$65.99
Stay connected for longer – send emails, shop online, stream music, and surf the web
Data volume limit 500MB

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog

Passengers have the option to buy WIFI connection during flight. 

Manila to Athens Flight via Scoot Wifi
But you can save up to 20% if you purchase a plan before the flight.

The Cabin Crew

Flight Attendants are really pleasant and accommodating . They are quick to respond to your needs and inquiries (like my need for more water) 🚰

There was one passenger who kept on transferring to the seat in front of us (it has more leg room), and the Flight Attendant was always so professional and assertive in explaining that if he wished to sit there, he had to upgrade.

Manila to Athens Flight via Scoot
Two hours before landing, the captain announced that we were flying above the Pyramids of Egypt. We loved it when everyone got up their seats to check the view!

After more than 15 hours of traveling

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog
Scoot’s aircraft is so hip!

We landed safely in Athens International Airport at around 8:50 in the morning (Greece time). Philippines is 6 hours ahead of Greece When you check the flight itinerary, it would appear like you traveled for only 6 hours but actual flight time is 12 hours. 

 I asked the Flight Attendant if we could take some photos (if the ground team would allow it)She said that we wait for all the passengers to leave the plane and offered to turn on the lights for “better photo” 🌈 
Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog
My usual airport #OOTD

Scoot fares to Athens start from PHP10,403 from Cebu, PHP10,704 from Clark, PHP11,198 from Kalibo and PHP10,754 from Manila. However, keep a lookout for Scoot’s monthly Take-off Tuesday promotions available on their website (! 

TIP: The next one is happening on the first Tuesday in February and it’s fastest fingers first to grab fares as low as PHP9,899 to Athens!!!

Scoot Singapore to Athens Review  Manila to Athens Blog
Overall, I had a safe and comfortable flight from Manila to Athens. Thank you Scoot! 

When we got to immigration, I heard “Passenger Dela Cruz must report to the *inaudible”.
… to be continued. 
Chcck out #ruthgoestogreece #ruroingreece

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