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Kommons Boracay Invites You to Experience Boracay Bliss without Breaking the Bank

August 2, 2023

Despite being a well-known tourist spot, Boracay continues to captivate travelers not just in the Philippines, but from all over the world with its pristine shores, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant atmosphere. It remains the quintessential summer destination, a place where beach lovers, thrill-seekers, and relaxation enthusiasts unite to create unforgettable memories.

Now, the beauty of Boracay lies in its openness to any type of traveler–whether you’re a luxury guest or someone seeking the thrill of adventure without completely breaking the bank. And if you’re the latter, Kommons Boracay is the place to be!

Situated strategically along the main road of Station 3, Kommons Boracay presents itself as the ideal gateway to the island’s pristine beauty. This strategic location offers guests easy access to the world-famous White Beach, which lies just a short 5-minute walk away. Whether indulging in exhilarating water sports, exploring the island’s natural wonders, or simply lounging on the powdery sand, Kommons Boracay ensures that every guest is within reach of their Boracay adventure.

Kommons Boracay hotel

At Kommons, the comfort and satisfaction of guests are paramount. The Duo Flats (One-BR Suite) provide 45 sqm of generous space thoughtfully divided into separate living, dining, and kitchenette areas. Ideal for two guests, these suites offer a cozy retreat after a day of island exploration. Prices start at Php 4,000 per night.

For families or groups of friends, the Fam Pad (Two-BR Suite) is a smartly designed space, featuring 60 sqm of room to accommodate four guests comfortably. Each room in this suite comes with an en suite bathroom, ensuring convenience and privacy for every member of the group. Prices start at Php 6,000 per night.

For larger groups seeking a fun-filled stay, the Bunk Beds offer a spacious 30 sqm area with six enclosed bed spaces, each equipped with charging ports to keep gadgets powered throughout the day. With a separate toilet and bath, guests can enjoy the utmost comfort and convenience while sharing this vibrant space with their companions. Prices start at Php 6,600 per night.

But Kommons is not just a haven for Boracay vacationers or adventure-seekers. It’s also the perfect spot for digital nomads and remote workers. With co-working spaces and high-speed internet to boot, Kommons is an ideal option for longer stays for those who need to mix business with pleasure. And the best thing about Kommons is that one can indulge in delicious food at their in-house restaurant construed as a destination itself- Bacon ALLDAY. Take it from the name, their menu is a bacon lover’s dream, with a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes that will leave you wanting more. From classic bacon and eggs to indulgent bacon-stuffed pancakes, Bacon ALLDAY definitely elevates breakfast (or lunch and dinner!) to a whole new level of enjoyment. And when work is done, one can easily have a blast at the beach, and unwind with a refreshing cocktail in hand.

Kommons Boracay

At Kommons Boracay, the adventure extends far beyond the confines of the resort. Immerse yourself in the plethora of Boracay experiences that await you, from breathtaking sunset sailing to thrilling water sports and vibrant nightlife.

The hotel serves as the perfect launching point for creating unforgettable Boracay experiences that will stay etched in your heart forever. And with Kommons Boracay as your base, you have easy access to all these exhilarating experiences. Return to the comfort of your spacious suite after an action-packed day, reminiscing about the adventures that await you tomorrow.

For reservations and more details, visit Kommons Boracay on Facebook or email [email protected].

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