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Nui Than Thai Hot Springs Park in Da Nang, Vietnam

July 9, 2024

After our morning Paragliding activity and early lunch at Vietnom Cafe, we traveled 45 minutes to Nui Than Thai Hot Springs Park. It is one of the popular tourist destinatinos in Da Nang for its combination of water park and natural hot springs.

The motorcyle trip from Da Nang City to HoaVang District felt like an escape to unknown places of Vietnam. We have seen different scenes and sights – from landscape, rice paddies, small villages, rivers, and local eateries in the streets.

We also took the route via a Highway where we shared the road with trucks and big vehicles. Thankfully, the roads in Da Nang are wide so it is less scary to travel via motorcyle.

We arrived past 1:00 PM and we had 4 hours to explore and enjoy the water park.

Nui Than Thai Hot Springs ParkWhere to Book Ticket

The Nui Than Thai Hot Springs Park is part of the activities that we chose from the Da Nang Klook Pass that we purchased together with the Marble Mountain and Ba Na Hills. The Da Nang Klook Pass allowed us to choose one premiere activity (Ba Na Hills) and 2 more attractions (Marble Mountain and Nui Than Thai Hot Springs Park)

When we arrived, we just presented the Klook voucher and we were given a baller band that gave us access to the park, as well as lockers.

TThings to Do in Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park
TThings to Do in Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park

Fun Things to Do in Nui Than Thai Hot Springs Park

The Nui Than Thai Hot Springs Park is a huge water park so expect a lot of walking. and going around water parks. The park provides non-slip slippers that you can wear, or you can go barefoot and just enjoy grounding (which we did at the hot spring area).

Here are some of the fun things to do in Nui Than Thai Hot Spring Park:

➡️ Have Fun at the Water Park

There are different pools and slides inside that you can try and enjoy.

To be completely honest, I was so scared to try the slides, but Rodel dragged me to it. I felt that I am much braver to jump in the plane than to swim. But after the first slide (it was fun!), I agreed to go on a second round. 😂 Then, we tried all the other slides and pools. At that time, I was more worried about my phone than my own safety. 😂

➡️ Bathe in Mineral Hot Springs

After exhausting all our energy in the water parks, we decided to just enjoy and relax at the hot spring. I really enjoyed the hot spring (though, I almost lost my sunglasses 😂), and just lounging in the stone bed with water pressure massages.

➡️ Try the different baths like Mud Bath, Green Tea Onsen Bath, etc.

It would have been nice to share about this experience, but this was not part of the package that we availed. Mud Baths are known to detoxify the skin, improve circulation, and soothe aches and pains.

➡️ Try the Onsen

We were ready to indulge and enjoy the Onsen in Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park, but I stopped mid-way when I heard it was a Nude Onsen. 😂 We felt that we wouldn’t be able to relax. We thought we would it would be better to maybe do it next time.

Overall, we had a really great time in Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park. We actually forgot to bring our own towel, and extra clothes for changing (but that was okay since we headed back to our hotel after our visit).

When we left the site, we were running low on gas and our phones were soaked in water (and was not charging – what an adventure!), but thankfully, there was a Gas Station along the road – around 7-minute drive from Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park. We were able to gas up, and used the remaining battery for direction on our way back to the hotel.

TThings to Do in Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park Ruth dela Cruz Rodel Flordeliz

Travel Tips:

Wear comfortable swimwear: Rashguards and shorts are comfortable pieces to wear. You can also wear sports bra that are secured so you can really enjoy the water activities.

Bring towel: Always good to bring your own towel.

Re-apply sunscreen: Something that we completely forgot to do, even during our motorcycle ride.

Always hydrate: There are stores around the water park so make sure that you drink water as the hot spring can be dehydrating.

Limit soak time: Limit your time in the hot spring as this can cause dizziness.

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On my next posts I will share about the Marble Mountain.

TThings to Do in Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park

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