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Thoughts After My 5-Day Vacation Leave

October 12, 2009

I actually filed for 3 days, since I have weekends off. What I hate about taking your last day is the idea of getting back to work! But I don’t have any choice.. I have to set my mind, focus, and drag myself to work. I have bills to pay and I have a lifestyle to support.

Just spent my leave at home, and at the mall. I was thinking we will visit some province, but typhoon Pepeng just hit and left with so much casualties, we rather stayed home.

With so much happening in the country and around the globe, sometimes I think even home is no longer the safest place to live in. And yet, hurricanes and tsunamis give travelers and dwellers paranoia.

Our planned trip to Cambodia and Vietnam will push through next month; but I am not coming.. It’s not about the money, but the timing and schedule. I just wish my friends all the fun these countries could bring on their 7-day long vacay!

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