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Taj Guesthouse: Cheap Accommodation but Best in Location!

August 22, 2010

I know I have to write this review while my memory and experience and hype is still on.

I am a late bloomer and it was my first time in Boracay. I have to thank my friend who was in Boracay last month and booked us an accommodation in Taj Guesthouse. Taj Guesthouse is in station 2 and I would say is in the heart of Boracay Island. Accommodation starts at Php1,500 per night and comes with free breakfast.

You can choose from:

Coffee or Mango Juice; Longganisa or Daing na Bangus (I have to warn you it is not boneless, and there is always a cat watching you while you take your every bite); sunny side up or scrambled egg; garlic rice or plain rice.

They usually serve breakfast at 8AM which somehow delays your morning activity. What we usually do is have coffee, prepare ourselves until the breakfast arrives then just brush our teeth and hit the beach.

The room is spacious and comes with double bed and one single bed. TV has cable, but I doubt if you would stay in the room to watch TV.

It even has a safety deposit box. But the funny thing is it has a safety deposit box but it doesn’t have a thermos or water heater for drinking water. You may ask the attendant (who usually comes at 8AM) for a thermos, but what we do is buy hot water from the convenience store which is a good 5 steps away from the lodging. Php10 for hot water and cup; and we brought instant coffee. You may also choose to have coffee at the cafeteria infront which is good Php25.

Whenever I stay in hotels and inns, I am very particular about the washroom. I am not disappointed at all. There is a hot or cold shower; and even the faucet has hot or cold water – in basin type! The bowl comes with bidet (beats the deluxe hotel I stayed in in Singapore!).

If you are the type who collect shampoo and toiletries from the hotel. You will get disappointed, because there is none here – which is perfectly fine with me since I always bring my own. If you choose not to bring, or has totally forgotten, there is a convenience store in front which sells shampoo, soap, candies, cigarettes, everything! Even a Korean alcoholic drink called SoJu.

There are two rooms which have verandas where you can smoke and eat breakfast. But don’t expect a nice scenery here, you will just see the other lodging establishment in front of Taj Guesthouse.

At Php1,500 you cannot complain at all. We are paying for the location. Just go outside and you can see the beach. At the sidewalk there are vendors selling souvenir items like bracelets, chokers, key chains and even pearls. Kuya’s are everywhere offering Helmet Marine Walk, Jet Ski, and other water sports activities.

Turn left and the D’Mall is just 5 minutes away. Turn right and Talipapa is just a 15-minute walk. Bars, restos and cafe’s are everywhere.

I have to mention that there is a free Wi-Fi connection here. Just ask ate for the connection details. Beats the slow Globe Broadband service. 

The guy who attended us named Mike is very accommodating, even the Ate’s. He knows what he is talking about and he is very familiar with the landmarks and the area. He is actually working on a new service – Henna Tattoo.

Below are the Taj Guesthouse contact details:

Taj Guesthouse
Balabag, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan, Philippines
  CP No. (0920) 919-6509 / Tel. No. (036) 288-4628
FAX (036) 288-5695
[email protected]

If you think my blog has helped you decide on where to stay, please come back, leave a message and share your stories.

I am still punching myself for the hotel we stayed in in Bohol which charged us Php4,000 per night. So far from the city and rough road to battle!

Enjoy! As much as I did!

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