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What to Pack and Bring in the Beach Aside from Swimsuits and Shades!

August 16, 2010

I loooove the sun and I love the weather this weekend. I hope the sun will continue to shine until next week. My friend and I are booked to Boracay this week and eventhough I do not want to be sunbaked, I would still like to experience the Sun, Sea and Sand. Blame it to my friend who’s booking flights has become a habit.

My airline might complain with the bulk that I would be bringing on the flight (I am no light traveler), but aside from the essentials (swimsuits, sunblock, shades, cover-ups, and other kikay stuff), I make sure I pack the following things.

4 sets of swimsuits (actually I will bring 5 sets!). We will stay for only 4 days and 3 nights, but since we will arrive at night, and will be flying back in the morning, there would only be 2 complete days to explore the island. So 1 set in the morning and 1 set at night. I wonder if girls would wear the same swimwear the whole day, but I don’t.

Nippies and nipple tapes (I bought an extra pack). This set is only good to be worn for 6 hours (I am afraid I would get allergies, so I bought an extra pack with 5 sets). It is enough to expose the skin in that skimpy bikini, but not the perky nips! Never! To ensure I would save myself from accidental wardrobe malfunctions, I have to be safe.

Citronella Bug Spray. I don’t want to go home with bug bites. So better bring a bug spray. And I’ll save myself from Mallaria and Dengue.

Grab waterproof bag to keep my sunnies, camera, cover-up and what-nots when hitting the beach. I don’t want to bring my luggage and bag while sun-bathing. I guess this is a must-bring in a beach. This is also waterproof and may be used to keep all dirty clothes. I bought it at SM at Php99.

I am still not yet done packing my stuff, but these are the things that every beach babe should bring aside from the essentials.

What are your beach essentials?!

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