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Sherwood Bay Aqua Resort Hotel and Diving School [Dauis, Bohol] Review

August 29, 2010

I know this review is a little late. It was not my first time in Bohol but we decided to stay in a hotel for convenience.

I chose the Sherwood Bay Resort Hotel in Dauis, Bohol after reading good reviews online. It was my mistake because checking them back, there were only less than 5 good reviews about the hotel, and most of them are from third party booking sites which aim for more sales and thus write good reviews about hotels.

Sherwood Bay Resort is a good 20 minutes drive from Tagbilaran airport. People would think it is near. But experience taught me that in provinces, when they say near, it is kilometers away from Point A to B.

I booked my reservation online and chose the best room at the cheapest rate. I made sure I have gotten the most out of the amenities being offered. I paid Php4,00 per night.

There is a free pick up service from the airport to the hotel, but I have to remind travelers to always travel light. There are no bell boys or attendants who would assist you on your baggages. The room that I have reserved is spacious with two double beds. It is complete with cabinets and minibar (chips like Piattos at Php50 each! – that gives you the idea of the pricing). After a few minutes of checking out the room, I realized that there is no TV in the room! That is perfectly fine since we were on vacation and who wants to be a couch potato? But the place is far from the city and you have to battle with the rough road to get to the nearest restaurant (kilometers away) or fastfood to even buy food.

The room that I got is at the second floor with veranda overlooking the sea and the infinity pool. You may get unlucky because some rooms (charge the same price of Php4,000) are in the first floor and some are on the other side of the building with no nice scenery at all (probably roofs?).

I am very particular with the comfort room so I got the one with bath tub (just for kicks). Some rooms have very small comfort rooms (with no bath tubs and price is the same – Php4,000!). As expected, it comes with hot and cold shower and toiletries – not the usual hotel branded soap or shampoo – but Palmolive shampoo and travel size Safeguard soap.

The package comes with free breakfast. Choice of bacon or danggit; sunny side up or scrambled egg; garlic rice or plain rice; and coffee or juice. Breakfast is served at 7:00 AM but please expect delay since there are only a couple of attendants manning the restaurant.

The room service is only until 8:00 PM. Try dialing room service and housekeeping at 2:00 AM and do not expect an answer (if someone answer the call – please do share your Ghost Story!).

The funny thing about the hotel is that they close the main door/gate at 10:00 PM. If you have visitors coming in, they have to leave the place at 10:00 PM and if you are going outside, you have to come back at the same time (there is some sort of a curfew). Somehow, we felt like criminals put on jail.

I am not very satisfied with my stay here probably because I am not a diver. They say it is the best when in comes to diving location. The pool is at 20 feet – deepest! The owner is a certified diving instructor as evident on the certificates and plaques displayed in the restaurant.

If you are honeymooners who want your time and privacy, this the perfect place to stay. Or, if you have forbidden relationship, please stay at Sherwood Bay Resort Hotel and enjoy.

I hate to mention that you need to bring Baygon when checking in; ants are sharing room with you.

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