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Day 5: Hong Kong Vacation: Citygate Outlet Store, Departure

September 27, 2010

Apologies.. My reviews are coming in like an installment plan. I have alot of pending reviews to write and blog about.

I have to finish my Hong Kong write-up first and hoping that I would be able to write recent entries by tom.

So Day 5 is the last day of our Hong Kong trip. I hate last days.. We checked out early and my friend thought we could take advantage of the Check-In Early Service of the Hong Kong Airport wherein tourists can check in their baggages early and can spend the rest of the time while waiting for the flight. But guess we were wrong. This service is only offered by selected airlines, and Cebu Pacific is not one of them.

So I was feeling a little hopeless and hating myself for bringing too much stuff. We planned to go back to Citygate Outlet Store to buy some more pasalubongs and bargain items. Fine. We had conditioned ourselves that we will bring our luggages until we saw the Far Eastern Lockers signage. And there was a light bulb!

Yahoo!! Far Eastern Lockers allowed us to check in our baggages in a vault-like cabinets for minimum fee of HK$30. So we checked in our bagggages and went to CityGate.

We had lunch at McDonald’s yet again – for missing the fastfood so much, and I got the free FIFA glass for upsizing the fries and drinks. Months later, the local McDonald’s launched the promo – but for a price of Php25! Boo.

So we strolled around again and checked out some items. The Adidas store had nice bargain stuff but I am not the sporty-type.. so off to the other stores – but didn’t find much nice clothes. Coach was on sale – and I was eyeing a sling bag (my mind did a quick math – equivalent to Php6,000.. hmm.. I have to let it go, my travel sling bag is still fine and durable). My friends bought some kids shoes from Crocs which were real bargain. We bought some stuff from Taste – supermarket which sells the usual stuff plus appliances and household goodies. I bought one pack of instant yakisoba, cup of instant noodles, dozen coffee, white coffee, some chocolates, and some goodies which has Made in HongKong print on it.

Just the right time we arrived at the airport and we had coffee at Pacific Coffee. The dessert is good but not the best.

We managed to get the refund from the Octopus Card and I got some more coins and bills as souvenirs. Here are all the money left..

Arrived in Hong Kong with my trolley and hand carried bag, and I came back with an additional bag full of stuff from Disney, Taste, H&M, and everything Hong Kong (tour maps included!).

Now, I can’t wait for the China trip next year!!!

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