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Princess of Coron Guesthouse: Coron, Palawan

September 28, 2010

I thought the Coron, Palawan trip would not push through, but it did and I was glad. Now, I am still missing the peaceful and simple life in Coron.

My friend did all the planning and reservation. I just paid whatever amount my friend has set for this vacation.

We flew from Manila to Busuangga and stayed in Princess of Coron. I did a research about the place but Google just gave me links to third party travel sites – and some quick notes and reviews. There aren’t much pictures and info and I got a little too frustrated – (so here I am posting everything that I could remember about the place). I just have so much faith in my friend and I agreed with the place. When we got there and stayed for 3 days and 2 nights, we got the best accommodation in Coron, Palawan.

A 30-minute drive from the aiport, we were greeted by the homey place. Princess of Coron is the only lodging place which has a swimming pool (that’s what they say). Not that we would prefer pools over beaches, but this adds a plus factor to the place.

We went straight to the reception for guest registration (which reminds me of an old nipa hut) and I felt like I just arrived in a relatives’ house. Everyone is so accommodating and smiling, and just so happy to see us. We were then escorted to our room. Yehey! We got room at the first floor with veranda. Staying at the second floor would be fine too, but I don’t want to worry about the steps and getting into the bed when we get tipsy and drunk (we tried the Coron Sling, and it was good!).

This is where we usually have coffee and greet the morning sun. Life is good!

Let’s get inside the room – so there were four of us – the couple stayed in this bed. Love the setting!

While I and my friend stayed in the floor with comfy foam beds.. I wouldn’t mind sleeping here – I never had a decent sleep for the last 20 hours since we arrived. 

The door is a sliding glass door – we soon realized probably to keep the ants from entering the room and sharing the room with us. Not that there are ants – but for safety reasons.

Our bags were all over the receiving area of the room. Please forgive us, we were just soo tired, with no food, sleep and just caffeine. I love the native details in the room.

I am very particular with the washrooms.

Hot and Cold shower – check

Clean and spacious – check

There is even an extra rattan-made organizer for keeping your kikay stuff, clothes, and what-nots.
They installed a new design of toilet bowl. We first find it weird and unusual. You have to see it to find out. There is no biddet though, but there is the ever-reliable TABO!

We requested for an extra towel (Php20 per piece), but the room is complete with towels (one per person), 2 small Safeguard soap bars, tissue paper (for toothbrush – I am sure travelers bring their own!). 😉

The first night was peaceful and cold – we still kept the aircon on. You may choose to turn on the frame with the cascading water background music for a more relaxed sleep.

Breakfast is served in the outdoor dining – at Php150 per person – you may choose from Daing ng Bangus, Danggit or  Longganisa, with 2 eggs (scrambled or sunny side up) and 1 sachet of coffee (Nescafe!). Extra coffee is at Php15. You may also even opt for Continental Breakfast – Ham or Bacon with bread, butter and jam and egg.

Longganisa and Egg
Daing na Bangus (Boneless)
Bacon and Egg (served with toaster!)

What makes Princess of Coron the best place to stay in Palawan is that the place is near everywhere – there is a BPI bank near the guesthouse, churches, shops, sari sari stores and the people are nice (everyone greets us in a sincere smile and hellos and good mornings). Tricycle rides is at Php 8 minimum charge.

We have agreed to stay in Princess of Coron the next time we visit Palawan. 3 days are just not enough and I am missing the relaxed atmosphere of the place.

Btw, we got the room for only Php2,200 per night, and as much as we wanted to stay for another night, we couldn’t. The guesthouse is always fully-booked.

The owner gave us calling cards and flyers to give to our friends. I will be posting the contact details here – I have to search my bag for all the docs and cards and souvenirs.

I highly recommend staying at this place for your trip in Coron, Palawan.

For those who are asking and sending me notes for the contact of Princess of Coron, I have finally searched through my stuff, and here you go:

Princess of Coron
Nueva Street 6
Brgy 1 Coron, Palawan, Philippines 5316
Office: +63-918-695-0563
[email protected]

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