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Day 4: Hong Kong Vacation: Wong Tai Sin Temple and Macau

September 20, 2010

Let’s now go to Macau! You may have had enough of Hong Kong in my 3 blog entries.

Morning of day 4, again we woke up at 6:00 AM and left the hotel at around 8:00 AM. Early to bed, early to rise.. but nope. We always find ourselves crawling into our beds for 3 days because we tire ourselves wandering until close to midnight. This is such a bad idea. We could have left earlier to explore Macau the whole day.

We grabbed some pastries from Maxim’s which are all over the streets and MTR stations of Hong Kong. I loooove their chocolate cakes and cheap pastries!!

Before heading to the port station to Macau, we went to this temple that my friend wanted to see – Wong Tai Sin Temple. So basically we just took some photos and observed the devotees.

Just pray and believe.. and your wish would be granted.. 

Then we went straight to the sea port. I was running out of dollars and HK dollars, so I just used my credit card to pay for the round-trip ticket to Macau. Thank God for plastic money!

Although I am not very comfy riding a boat, I felt a little safe riding the Turbo Jet. I was not expecting that this boat would be a little too “luxurious” – but I was happy and content just the same.

We exchanged some of our HK dollars in the port terminal. You may still use your HK dollars in Macau, but Macau Mops are not accepted in Hong Kong. So we just exchanged enough money that we would use for the day.

Tip, when riding a bus, make sure that you have exact money/coins for the bus fare. The bus driver will not give any change. You just drop your payment in the bus entrance – so make sure you are giving the exact amount.

So we rode a bus to check out the place that so much reminds me of Eastwood. We had lunch at Macau Recipes Cafe after realizing we haven’t had a decent breakfast yet – just coffee and some bread and nicotine. I love this place because they allow smoking even if the dining is air-conditioned. Haha


We wanted to check out the Ruins of St Paul but we got totally lost in reading the map and so we rode a cab to get to the destination. The lady driver does not know how to speak English – when we got to the place, we then realized that what she was trying to say was that the church is just walking distance from where she picked us up.

 Loving the sites and hotels and buildings in Macau. 
I feel safe riding this cab. Left-hand drive and a nice lady handling the wheels.

A must-see place in Macau: Ruins of St. Paul

I am not a believer, but these were part of history of the place.

Anyway, so we tried the egg tart from one of those narrow streets – and bought some souvenir items like shirts and fans, and beef jerky too.

We settled at Starbucks and we missed Manila – we missed having coffee and smoking and just plain people watching.

My friend’s lighter made it in Macau! Yeah! But too bad, I had to dispose this in the airport and kept the one I just bought from 7-Eleven.

We then checked out the Sasa store and we had gone gaga over the stuff that they are selling. I bought perfumes and miniature perfumes (original perfumes which are sold at 45 to 60Mops).


It was already 8:00 PM and it has started raining so we decided to go back to the port area. We had agreed to visit Macau again. Just Macau and no side-trips.

In the port area, we bought some more pasalubongs just to dispose the excess Mops that we had. I left a 10-Mop bill as a souvenir. 😉

Pasalubong Must-Buys from Macau:

Shirts (2 for 50Mop)
Egg Tarts (not sure about the shelf-life but I didn’t buy any, I was thinking of just buying from Lord Stow’s).
Beef Jerky (30Mop)
Miniature Perfumes from Sasa
Taro Egg Rolls with Flossy Pork (25MOP)
Sesame Seeds Candy (20MOP)

Back to Hong Kong – dinner at McDonald’s. We cannot deny that we are Filipinos – we love fastfood! Haha. No upsize, go Big Time, whatsoever – fries servings are just enough to increase your cholesterol level.

Back to the hotel to pack the things – we so hate last days.

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