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Kenny Rogers Roasters: When Bloggers Meet Hainanese Chicken, Fro-Yo, Younghusband and a Tri-Athlete

April 21, 2011

Everybody is into healthy lifestyle – joining fun runs, getting twisted in yoga classes, trying out new water sports and being extra conscious about what they put on their plates. But how can we get healthy and fit if all we can eat is oatmeal and greens, and more of junk in the market?

Kenny Rogers has an answer to that. Last April 19th, Kenny Rogers Roasters invited bloggers to have a taste of two of their healthy offerings, and to meet with the Brand Ambassadors.

The event started with an introduction of Kenny Rogers Roasters. Everyone knows Kenny makes good music, and good roasted chicken, but not everyone knows that Kenny Rogers Roasters has also become the authority and innovator when it comes to deliciously healthy eating – from Classic Roast Chicken, to Grilled Fish and Salmon, plus salads and vegetables.

The re-launch of Kenny Roger’s latest offering was done through a game (it was originally launched last March 9th). Under the tables were letters, and bloggers must form the word HAINANESE without talking. Yes, we won! Thank you to blogger H! We got limited edition mugs and crowd exposure with “flashes and clicks”.

Now, the long wait is over – the Kenny’s Hainanese Chicken (Php185) was served – like a complete meal with quarter chicken with rice, chicken broth and 3 sauces – ginger, chili and sweet soy sauces. Kenny Roger’s brought us to Singapore from Katipunan!

The chicken is good and tender, I love the contrast of sauces – and the rice was cooked from the chicken broth. As for the chicken broth, we had already addressed our concern and the team openly noted it.

Then comes dessert. Every corner is sprouting with Fro-yo kiosks and people leaving the line with those cute little cups and tiny spoons. There is no need to line up as Kenny Roger’s can serve your Frozen Yoghurt with choice of toppings – mixed fruits, mango, graham or brownies, or all of them together! This comes in two sizes – small (Php35) and big (Php55).

I am not really a fan of Frozen Yoghurt, but I have to admit I love their Fro-yo, as it really tastes like Yoghurt and not ice cream. I got one with brownies and mango toppings. The contrast of sour taste and sweet brownies bites is just perfect. Add the smooth, velvety texture in the mouth and the chewy chocolate-y taste of brownies, it equates to perfect balance; and don’t forget the mangoes!

After a few more clicks and spoonfuls of Fro-yo, it is time to call one of the Brand Ambassadors. Azkals’ Phil Younghusband has been sitting at the back even before the event started. The event was also graced by Professional Tri-athlete, Mica Tantuico.

Too bad, James didn’t make it – as he was still continuously training – as Phil said. Bloggers were given a chance to ask questions which are mostly about their healthy lifestyle. I took the opportunity to ask if they also have a “cheat day” when they eat “not-so-healthy-food”, and it is comforting to know they do have cheat days. Phil said that he was mostly trying to eat healthy because of training, but he does eat alot of french fries and potato chips. Mica’s guilty pleasure on the other hand is chocolate.

I was itching to ask another question, but the Brand Manager saved my thoughts and asked them why Kenny Rogers? Phil said that he wants to be connected with a company that represent his lifestyle – that is healthy lifestyle, and I believe he made the right choice.

The event ended with photo ops with the ambassadors (which I felt like I have just attended Phil Younghusband’s fans day!).

Here are the Kenny Rogers’ Ambassadors:

Loraine Lapus
Mica Tantuico

Phil Younghusband

James Younghusband

And yes, Kenny Rogers raffled off gift certificates and lucky me, Phil has picked the paper with my name on it. I was behind him and I witnessed how he unrolled the paper and saw my name on it. Yes, I got more from Phil than gift certificates! 😉

They say, I am the biggest winner that night, but let me share the 30-second TVC entitled Winner.

Thank you again Kenny Rogers for the wonderful event and for stressing out how important being healthy is.

The warm and accommodating Kenny Rogers Team!

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