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Ace Water Spa: Water Therapy Service Plus a Coffee Lounge Too

April 20, 2011

The first time I encountered the Ace Water Spa, it was featured in a Lifestyle Magazine Show. I had missed the chance of trying out the service eventhough we got free vouchers from the Belle De Jour 2009 planner. Some weeks ago, I felt the need for a water therapy (and a good cry too), so my friend and I went to Ace Water Spa and we got wet but never got wild.

How to get there?
It is along Del Monte, near Banawe (we went to the one in Quezon Ave). I honestly don’t know how to get there by car, I just took a cab and we went straight to Banawe from Quezon Ave until we reached Del Monte, then we turned right and saw the Ace Water Spa on our left.

What to Remember When Going There:

  • You have to wear a really fit swimwear. They are very strict with this. My friend came in a cotton tank top and the attendant asked her to remove it. I wore the top and bottom which gave me full coverage as I know the water pressure would be so strong, and it is true. When I tried one of the shower-like water massage, it almost brought down my bottom so I have to hold it so not to make a scene.
  • Swimsuits are for sale at the lobby if yours don’t meet the requirement.
  • Bring your own towel. Towel is Php150 per rent.


  • The shower room and changing room are well-kept and maintained. I am impressed.
  • Supplies include shampoo, shower gel, cotton buds and tissue (and plastic too for wet clothes).
  • There is a free use of hair blower, which is good.
  • Drinking station everywhere the water spa to keep you hydrated.

The Water Spa:

Too bad, cameras and videos are not allowed, which is also a good thing to protect the privacy of the guests. I love all the water massage stations as each has descriptions of the target areas and its benefits.

I personally love the station where you can lie down in the tile and your whole back would be massaged with rushing water from your head to toes. I guess that’s everyone’s favorite as I noticed that there is always a long line in that station.

I also love the hot herbal pool. There are 3 pools – 36 degrees, 38 degrees and 40 degrees. You have to rest your neck on the cold bar to prevent high blood pressure. After each soak, you have to dive into a cold pool and transfer to the next hot pool.

There are also sauna and steam rooms, but the men’s rooms were not working at that time; so we have to share the room with the guys. A bit awkward, but just a minor.

We only spent 2 hours inside. After that, we were given a free soup coupon. All the water pressure and massaging made us hungry so we tried the cafe in the lobby.

What’s for eats?
Kani Mango Salad at Php125. To be fair, the lettuce is good, crisp and not wilted unlike ordering from Fast Food Chains.

Puttanesca at Php170. I haven’t tried this pasta, but I haven’t heard any raves from my friend – so I guess there is nothing exceptional about it. Go ahead and try. Let me know your thoughts.

Baked Penne Bolognese at Php180. I find it a little sweet for my taste. But the serving is good enough for two.
For dessert, we ordered a slice of Tiramisu at Php100. This one is pretty cheap for a slice. It’s a good one for its value. If you are craving for Tiramisu, go ahead and buy a slice from Ace Water Spa. 

A tall glass of Freshly Brewed Iced Tea is at Php75.

Total Bill: Php715 for the two of us. Php300 is safe for a pasta and drink, OR pasta and cake.

Service: I haven’t noticed that their service is slow, because I was busy ranting about my issues. But I find it weird that when I asked the server for the free soup, and told her we would order, she asked me what our orders were, yet she hasn’t handed the menu first. How would I know what’s in the menu and what to order?

Crowd: Families, lovers, friends, kids, seniors.

Dresscode: Whatever you feel like wearing before or after the water massage.

Accessibility: Very accessible. They even have a valet parking service. Jeepneys passing infront of the water spa.

Payment Options: They accept credit cards, but not debit cards.

Price: Afffordable, and the servings are big!

Washroom: Well-lit, with working faucet and flush. Well-maintained. I always wanted to have that type of sink at home. 😉

Lowlights: For the cafe, nothing, except that servers should be more aware of the guests’ needs.

The Verdict? It’s okay to have coffee in here, but you may want to explore the other nice restaurants in Banawe Avenue. As for the water spa, I love it and I would definitely be back!

Ace Water Spa
399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.)
SFDM, Quezon City
Ace Location Map

Customer Hotline Number:
(02) 330-7776

Telephone Numbers:
(02) 367.8040 to 41; (02) 367.8061 to 62; (02) 415.0164

Facsimile Number
(02) 415.2477

Email Address:
Spa Inquiries : [email protected]
Comments & Feedback : [email protected]
Ace Coffee Lounge Inquiries : [email protected]
Join our Yahoo Messenger Group : [email protected]

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