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Coffee Shop Game Online

December 27, 2021

When I think of one thing that I want to do in life, it is just to make coffee. Just pull an espresso shot, steam milk, and serve it. It is nice to look back at my first job as a barista, and think of it as something that I enjoy doing aside from creating content, writing, or traveling.

Making coffee is something similar to cooking, and I always say that cooking for someone you love is the highest form of an act of service (love language). I really appreciate people who cook for their loved ones (like my mom!), especially those who embraced it as a profession. You can really tell they put their heart into everything that they cook.

The Hospitality Industry is badly hit because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many professionals including waiters and chefs had to stay home as the restaurants and cafes temporarily closed. While some of us started re-connecting with our old hobbies or discovered new love for cooking and baking. I personally enjoy joining Culinary Tours and Cooking Tours during travel.

I recently discovered the site, Culinary Schools that offer informative materials about cooking, including a list of Culinary Schools and blogs. The articles about fat and weight loss calculations are really informative. It also has fun cooking games that parents and kids can play to introduce cooking methods and ingredients. I remember playing these types of games back in 2000s.

One of the games that really engaged me is the Coffee Shop game. It is a simulation game where the goal is to make money in 14 days.

I really like that the game incorporates factors such as inventory management, recipe formulation, product costing, environmental factors, and brand reputation. It is nice to be able to apply the skills I learned when I managed a coffee shop.

Some days in the game, I lost money and had food spoilage. I had to make sure that I keep the quality of the products while listening to the customers’ feedback.

It is nice to see animations and thought bubbles saying “I hear this place is good”. It feels like running a real coffee shop!

I really enjoyed the game, and I am happy to win and earn after 14 days.

I got so engaged and challenged myself so I played another round.

I am so happy to see I have improved my reputation and sales during the 14-day period.

The site has other Cooking Games that enhance one’s speed, memory, and creativity. It is nice to have this little break during my working weekday while re-connecting with my love for coffee.

I hope you are having a safe and happy holidays!

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