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International Fried Chicken Day at KFC #Fingerlickingoodness

July 11, 2023

Whenever we think of fried chicken, KFC always comes to mind.

It is just fitting to celebrate International Fried Chicken Day every 6th of July at KFC! 🍗

Our favorite brand invited us to the event with overwhelming energy (and overflowing KFC chicken). My friends know how much I love KFC (Team Hot & Crispy here, but I also indulge in the KFC Original Recipe). I remember when I spent one month in Indonesia for a pro bono project, they teased me for always ordering/eating KFC. 😁

During the event, we spotted Tiktok stars Hansandharold, comedian friends Gifer and Euleen, and Tiktok gamer Razzie Binx who joined to celebrate KFC chicken’s #Fingerlickingoodness.

Thank you @pauiguevarra for the photos! 😍

While everyone struck a pose and let their cameras capture the festive vibe, we gamely checked the interactive booths like Chicken Hoops, Design the Bucket, and KFC KOLLab.

Chief Marketing Officer, Charmaine Bautista-Pamintuan, officially kicked off the celebration. “As we speak, KFC branches in other countries are celebrating International Fried Chicken Day today,” she said.

For the KFC Collab, we were asked to get creative with our secret menu. As a big fan of Zinger, I decided to go for a double Zinger with my fave ingredients – bacon, cheese, and tomatoes. Some created unique fixings and wraps (Twister). It is nice to be somehow part of creating new concepts for KFC who is a leader in food innovations.

Kollab booth and our secret menu ☝️

The Design the Bucket wall, on the other hand, is a tribute to the iconic KFC chicken bucket. Ava and I got creative as we put our own personal spin on the buckets with the art supplies provided.

As usual, I went for a minimalist design; while I admire Ava’s fun chicken doodle. I wish I were as talented as her when it comes to drawing and painting.

How would you design your bucket❓

I also tried the Claw Machine and won myself fun treats from KFC. I think this was the first time I ever won in a claw machine!

To truly celebrate International Fried Chicken Day, we were treated to buckets of KFC Original Recipe Chicken and Hot & Crispy Chicken.

Feasting on KFC fried chicken! 😋

Capping off the afternoon was the awarding of winners and the prizes included a coveted KFC collectible: a Colonel Sanders Funko Pop!

International Fried Chicken Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the best-tasting duo – KFC chicken that’s hand-breaded with 11 secret herbs and spices and, of course, gravy that’s crafted through a signature recipe. #Fingerlickingoodness isn’t just a hashtag, it’s the legacy of KFC. Each meal is lovingly prepared under the highest quality as chickens are freshly delivered and prepared in-store.

KFC International Fried Chicken Day  Philippine influencers

Happy International Fried Chicken Day! 🍗

Visit any KFC branch near you or order on their website, app, or hotline and taste that finger lickin’ goodness of KFC’s chicken.

Thank you so much KFC for having me!

Checking out the KFC merch! Love the designs and vibe!

You can also watch my Tiktok video for more clips from the event:

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