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Cara Mia Gelafeteria: Place to Eat Gelato, Cakes and Gelato Cakes!

May 10, 2011

After a filling dinner at Amici, time to explore the sweets at the Cara Mia Gelafeteria (gelato plus cafeteria!).

The store offers good selection of Cakes and Gelato Cakes and of course, gelati! I find the prices too cheap at Php60 to Php100 per slice.

Gelati at Php70 per scoop
Php230 per pint and Php490 to Php590 per tub
Really cheap!

My friend took pictures of the yummy cakes on display:

Mango Sansrival at Php600 whole and Php95 per slice

Banana Blast at Php630 whole and Php95 per slice

Mango Symphony is a new item. Php690 whole and Php95 per slice

It’s a long debate once again on what to order, so we decided on Brazo De Mercedez, which my friend proudly says “the best one in town” and the new kid on the menu, Mango Symphony – it’s a gelato cake with graham crust as base.
Brazo De Mercedes at Php50 per slice
The Brazo De Mercedes tasted like the one from Goldilocks; and I have to forgive my friend as he admitted that he hasn’t tasted Goldilock’s slice yet. But I love that it is soft and the filling is even. It melts in the mouth, and not the marshmallow chewy type. The best slice my Php50 can buy!
The Mango Symphony is also good. But you eat it bite after bite as it easily melts. 
I know it looks so yummy in the pic. My friend took the shots.
It is as yummy as it is in your mouth!
What good is after-dinner talk without coffee?
I love the crema!!!

Latte is Php50 a cup and Today’s Brew is Php45. Please add extra pesos in your bill as they charge service charge (less than 10% of the total bill – don’t let me compute, I am not good at math).
The only lowlight is the street kids selling sampaguita outside. In that case, we transferred to Promenade for more talks and “how are yous“. 

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