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When Good Friends Dine at Amici

May 10, 2011

Some weeks ago, my best friend and I had a little misunderstanding. Although until now, I am not quite sure on the reasons why he got mad – the point is we’re okay and we’re friends again. Maybe it’s really like this for true friends. After misunderstandings and cold treatments, when you see each other again, it’s like the old days and you got nothing to talk about but your lives and the favorite things you both enjoy and love.

When my friend texted me and invited me for dinner (which I had moved to a Sunday night), we both agreed to meet up at Greenhills. First, it’s been a long time the last time we went there. Second, it’s where e got closer when we were both working in Greenhills some 6 years ago. Third, we have to meet halfway.

I was very surprised when I got to Greenhills. The elevated parking space infront of Promenade mall is new to my sight! and I don’t want it there. I want to see the Fully Booked Store and Coffee Bean while standing at the Music Museum, the same way I can see Starbucks while enjoying a good coffee at Coffee Bean. It’s just bad business for the establishments in Promenade, but I guess parking space gives more business – thus, the elevated parking space.

After a good latte from Coffee Bean, a few talks, and how are yous, my friend invited me to Amici.

Per my friend, Amici is bought by the owners of Red Ribbon from people running a cafeteria in Don Bosco. It has then expanded, improved and transformed into a semi-formal cafe, and then we were seated at the store in Greenhills.



How To Get There?

From Promenade, just walk down Connecticut, and just check the nearest Pancake House – it is just right infront.

What’s for Eats?

The menu offers pasta, pizza and sandwiches in panini bread. It’s a debate if we should order pasta + pizza, or pasta + chicken, or pizza + chicken. In my mind I want to order pasta + pizza + chicken + dessert. Anyway, the pasta  + chicken won. I have to listen to my friend’s suggestion that we try the yoghurt cake at the Caramia.

What we ordered?

Cannelloni Agli Spinaci at Php240. It’s like lasagna but made healthier. Pasta tubes filled with spinach and cheese instead of meat; topped with the usual tomato and creamy sauce.


Roasted Chicken at Php245. It’s rich with herbs and it is so tasty you would dream of rice. The vegetables are blanched and crunchy.


Total Bill:

Php506.65 with service charge. Php350 is safe if you are ordering a dish and drinks. We didn’t order any drinks since we already had coffee and we are planning to get more caffeine.


I am so excited and happy to be with my friend and I never realized that the service is somewhat slow, but that is understandable since there were alot of families dining in when we went there. I noticed though that one waiter was refilling a glass of water on the next table, and he looked at our table and saw my glass which is already empty. He didn’t even bother to ask if I want a refill, but just walk away and did his thing.  So I have to call another server to request for a refill. We were unable to finish the chicken so we request to have it bagged, took a while for them to give it to us, which we later give to an old woman outside the store selling pens and stuff.


Families, friends and barkadas.


Dress Code:

Come as you are!


It is in Greenhills, so it is quite easy to locate. But if you are commuting, better come from Greenhills Theatre Mall, and use the back exit in Promenade or the one near Fitness First, do a little exercise and walk your way to Amici.

Payment Options:

We paid cash, but I think they do accept Visa and Mastercard (I really hope. Sorry wasn’t able to check).


Reasonable for italian dishes! Not just the usual red sauce and pizzas!


The ladies room has three cubicles which is good, but it needs constant refill of supplies. There is a wash area outside which is also good.





They share al fresco with Caramia, which is a dessert place offering ice cream and cakes. There are alot of street kids outside asking money, food and attention. Eventhough there is a guard outside, I still feel a little uncomfy. I felt safer in Cubao.

The Verdict?

It’s a good restaurant to try and explore! Go bring your friends and family. But always guard your stuff when smoking outside.

Just glad to spend the night with my friend, and as a proof that we really are in good terms again, the pictures in this blog posts were all taken by him (except for the ladies room pictures, of course!).

101 Connecticut cor. Missouri Sts., North East Greenhills
San Juan City

I am posting this using Windows Live Writer, as is down. Hope it looks good when published.

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