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Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband Show Off Their Sexy Body for Century Tuna

July 13, 2011

You may have already seen the newest commercial of Century Tuna with Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband. If you feel giggly and inloved at the sight of the two together, you have missed the chance to see them in person together. Last Thursday, Century Tuna launched its newest campaign with Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband in Manila Intercontinental Hotel, Makati.

I actually felt jealous and envious when I saw them arrived together in the venue, despite the fact that I even got a precious kiss from Phil some months ago after I won in the raffle from one of the blogger events. Enough about me, let’s talk about Century Tuna and the couple (of the commercial).

Angel has been an endorser of Century Tuna, and to unveil the sexier, healthier image of the brand, Phil Younghusband joined her with the campaign, “Showing Off the Best in You with Century Tuna“.

During the launch, they let us see what happened behind the scenes during the taping of the new commercial – I cannot deny that the two like each other. Even during the presscon/launch, Angel was somewhat giggly – the kind we, women behaved when our crushes are around. Just like me, that bad things always happen to me when my crush is around (like the last time my heel got stuck in the elevator just when I was supposed to share the lift with my crush!), Angel almost tripped over when her heel got stuck in the stage platform. At least, she still looked beautiful and stunning that night.

I am not surprised why Century Tuna picked Phil Younghusband – he is young and eligible, athletic, a star and an advocate of healthy lifestyle. This is also the perfect chance to pair him up with Angel as it is impossible for him to do a teleserye.

As a successful football star, Phil is the perfect role model for individuals today who are into getting fit and healthy and living a happy, positive life”, said Angela Gamboa, Senior Brand Manager for Century Tuna. “Phil perfectly complements Angel as health and wellness ambassador as they are not only active in sports and embody the Century Tuna healthy lifestyle, they also inspire the public to bring out their individualities and love for healthy lifestyle.”

In line with the campaign, Century Tuna also showcased statement shirts screaming campaigns and boasting one’s love for his/her individuality.

“I’m grateful to be chosen as one of the endorsers of Century Tuna and I’m very thrilled to be working with Angel for this project”, Phil shares. “I always eat Century Tuna; it’s part of my daily diet and it helps me with my games”.

Angel is also excited to work with Phil – “It’s another good project to inspire people to be healthier. I’m excited to work with Phil also because he’s a good role model and active in sports just like me.”

With that said, I felt the need to be sporty. Would laser tag game count as sport? Century Tuna does not need much convincing on me since we always grab Century Tuna from the grocery. It is a good alternative for meat – you want a healthy heart and mind, and a great body right? So go, grab some good tuna!

Here are some pictures I have taken during the launch. There were so many people and the media just went crazy at the sight of Angel and Phil. I cannot fight with those cameras and DSLRs, and my camera zoom is not much of a help.


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