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A Little Pampering and Beautiful Nails from Beauty and Butter

July 31, 2011

I am typing with my nails in hot pink polish and gorgeous nail art from Beauty and Butter! It’s been a week yet the design and the polish are still intact (I just actually did the laundry this morning – and I meant manual handwashing).

Fierce Nails!

Beauty and Butter treated me to an afternoon pampering in their branch in SM San Lazaro last Monday. When I entered the salon, I was not only greeted by the candy colored couches and pillows but by the staff in their sincere smiles. They even remembered me from my last visit and asked why I just returned that day (well, the polish is actually very impressive, that it didn’t chip after a week. I can keep it on for months if not that my nails are growing..)

Comfy couch with yummy colored pillows!

No more transferring of seats.. The faucet has cold/hot water supply.

So I got Php500 worth of service to use. I was thinking of just getting a pedi and a manicure; but the lady beside me just availed of foot spa and I saw her feet soaked in bubbly water, I got envious so I decided to get the same service.

Just relaxing..

So Merly (one of the attendants) prepared the stuff and washed, massaged and scrubbed my feet. Seeing all the dead skin taken off, I felt a few inches smaller.

I felt few inches smaller

While Merly was doing my feet, Tala was cleaning my nails. They are too nice to offer to do the service as I mentioned I was on a hurry. I was then deciding what nail art to choose.

Where’s my crown? I am the queen!
Choose your nail art!

It’s soo hard to choose, seriously!

These ones cost Php450 for design

I should have used the green one for the M&Ms Green campaign

I am thinking of this orange-tiger-y art so it would go well with the dress I was then planning to wear in another event. I was also thinking that this design can go well with gold or silver – whatever it is that I am planning to wear in Beijing.

I’ll get that one next..

But I thought that orange (which is the color that they would use for my pedicure) is not very flattering. So I decided to get this instead.

My nail design!

I love the shade of hot pink and the crack-like design. The color would be a good contrast to the my dress. I’ll set a new rule – polish and dress should not always match (should they?)

While they do my nails, I checked my mail and Facebook account using the in-house iPad. I even updated a status message..

My blog 🙂


Beauty and Butter would let you use the iPad for at least Php500-worth service availed.

During the nail-art designing though there was a problem. Tala did something like a dalmatian print in my nails (dots and random dots) – not the crack-like design on display. I was being impatient and I don’t want to be a difficult customer. So I explained that I wanted something almost the same as the one on display. I even asked for a pen and paper so I can draw how the shape and curves should look like – say, if the shape was curving on the right, the shape next to it should have an edge almost like a piece/part of that shape next to it. Not dots which are round. They reasoned that they cannot follow the exact display, it is all in the imagination. Yes, I am not imagining dalmatians! I was a little frustrated. Yet, they are so nice to even offer to totally change the design and asked me to choose a new one. I thought of my precious time and my high respect and admiration to their talents. I know they can produce the same exact effect.

I apologize for the attitude and for the scene. Tala then sought help from Maricar who used a ballpointed material to paint the dark cracks/inks and did it like a real artist! She’s good and talented!

My satisfaction level was back to 10. I rested my nails in the air dryer and even at one point I had damaged the design, they are so good at doing the fix.

Love this dryer!

I just added for the extra service. I also chose the organic polish as by experience it doesn’t crack and chip and lasts longer.

Total Expense:

Foot Spa and Pedicure: Free
Nail cleaning: Php150
Nail art: Php300
Polish: 60×2 (for pedicure and manicure) = Php120

Organic polish, anyone?

Total of Php570, plus I left a tip for the three lovely and nice attendants. I am satisfied and will be back!

My friends are asking if my nails are stickers or if it is done through machine, I proudly say no, it’s manually done – talking as if the Beauty and Butter staff is my kids. If you want to witness how good they are in terms of service and craftmanship, visit the nearest Beauty and Butter salon.

Beauty and Butter, SM San Lazaro

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Beauty and Butter located in SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia and SM San Lazaro. Check out the Facebook Fan Page for updates. 

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