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Bar Dolci Offers Good Coffee and Not Just Gelato

August 22, 2011

Last month, we received an email from our “boss’ boss’ boss” advising us that napping in the workstation is no longer tolerated. He noted that if he sees anyone sleeping in the workstation, he would personally wake the person up and ask him/her to transfer to the quiet room. The quiet room or the sleeping room is like a nursery room – with its glass panels and glass door, with no light on and comfy Lazy Boys and couches where employees sleep and take a nap during their break. Eversince the note has been cascaded, I am now one of those employees who would rather sleep during lunch break than eat (well, I eat while working – multi-tasking is the key!).

Oftentimes, I always get hit with that need to take a power nap (15 minutes) and all I wanted is to just drop in my workstation and go to tralalalaland. I would like to think I am still a growing kid.

Anyway, this post is not about sleeping at work and how to get terminated, or how my management understands that we all get tired and sleepy (especially we are following the Eastern Standard Time). It’s about fighting the sleepiness with wonder drink we all know as COFFEE! When I tasted a good coffee, I would forever remember and think of it like true love – I know how it feels in my mouth as it fills me with acidity and bitterness until it goes down inside, filling me with heat as it perks up my system (yay, tooo graphic! But that’s how I describe my coffee).

Bar Dolci coffee is one of the cafes which offers good coffees I love (like the Kangkang Coffee in Ilocos and the Espresso and Cream Ice Blended Drink from Coffee Bean). After the fulfilling dinner at the Sweet Bella in Burgos Circle (this friends meet up happened sometime in June – this post is sooo late!), my friend invited us to check out the gelato in Bar Dolci, but what interested me are not the frozen goods but the coffee. For some weird reason, all the coffee shops in the Burgos Circle close early (earlier than bars) and Bar Dolci got extra 10 points for extending its business hours.

I want to gulp it down, straight!

How to Get to Bar Dolci/Burgos Circle?

I am not an expert in driving and commuting, all I can do is tell the taxi driver my destination. But you can find helpful information in the

What to Order?

The store smells like freshly extracted espresso so I thought of ordering one with a gelato ice cream on top! I asked my friend who is as passionate to coffee as I am.. He suggested Choc Nut (naah.. too sweet).. He suggested another one (naaah… the flavor is too trying hard for a coffee), then I spotted the Salted Caramel!  Binggo! I’ll have that.

Yum! Yum! Yum! People might find it weird but it is good!

Can I ask for an extra scoop?

So I had espresso shot with Salted Caramel (I forgot how the drink is exactly called, and how much it costs – I somehow lost the receipt. Forgive me). But the espresso is just perfect and not a bad shot. It is bitter-sweet, with crema and the aroma is not burnt but fresh. It is served in a shot-glass-like glass (a little bigger than a shot glass), and you have to drink it as if you are drinking a shooter called Blow Job. I didn’t mix it. I let the coffee tempers the gelato as it travel down the glass and into my mouth. Heaven!The gelato would give you a good moustache and just lick it off for a good sweet-salted taste. Love it!

Salivating over the espresso topped with Salted Caramel  Gelato

One time, I thought of just adding a dash of salt in my instant coffee and just check if that would do the trick. Hehe.

Total Bill:

Yay, I don’t have my receipt, please don’t shoot me. But the coffee won’t cost higher than Php200. It’s a good alternative for the usual Ice Blended, or Latte drinks.


The staff and the manager on duty (I am guessing he’s the owner) are really nice and accommodating. They pleasantly answered all my questions and even suggested drinks. We stayed until closing and were still okay that I used the washroom more than a couple of times.

They are sooo cool to pose for this pic

If you can’t decide what gelato to order, the staff is willing to let you taste with a teaspoon of those frozen goodies!


Families. Couples. But mostly group of friends.

Books displayed in the staircase

Comfy and relaxing ambiance

Dress Code:

Come as you are! Some just came from a night out – all dolled up with killer shoes, but that’s just cool!


The Fort has never been accessible to me, but the coffee is worth the commute and gas mileage. 😉


Ample parking infront, or use the designated parking space provided for Burgos Circle customers.

Payment Options:

We paid in cash – but I believe they also accept Visa and Mastercard especiall that they are located in Burgos Circle 😉


Reasonable for me. Let’s just use the Gelato Pricing: Php 120 for small cone/cup; Php 160 for medium cone/cup, Php 200 for large cup

The Washroom:

They only have common washroom for boys and girls, but it is well-maintained. With the bowl sanitizer, which I love!


Accessibility. I am now craving for the coffee but the place is too far from where I live and work. I hope they open branches in Eastwood and malls soon. I am now checking the City Delivery booklet just to check if they do delivery, but it’s a negative.

The Verdict?

I love the place and the coffee! I am inloved with the espresso with Salted Caramel! Maybe that triggered my current addiction to Happy Lemon’s Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese.

I have yet to try the Gelato and Macaroons but my friend say they are as good.

Looks yummy!

What I love most about the place is the way they track the guests’ frequency of visit! Look at the glass panels – it’s like as if it is a scoreboard for a game. I was able to talk to the manager on duty, and he said this is their way of tracking the guests’ visit. Most often if you issue a loyalty card, most of the guests would forget to bring the card and lose the chance of getting a stamp or punch, so the best way is to just jot it down the glass panels – which I think also makes a good design.

Can you find my name? I should have asked to use Ruthilicious instead!

My friends and I cannot miss the chance of having our names written on the glass panels.. Now my goal is to get more bars and a free drink probably?!

Regular Customers! Wow!

Are your names also in the Bar Dolci walls?!

Bar Dolci is located at F133 Forbeswood Heights, Forbestwon Road cor Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Manila Philippines. 

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