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Otterbox: Smart Casing for Smartphones!

October 31, 2011

What type of casing do you use for your (precious) phones?! Do you use the wallet case type with nice prints or plain leather-like ones for men? I remember the type of casing I used for my 3210 then (I was so cool using the first phone without an antenna! Hehe). I bought the skeleton type, and the plastic type – they did protect my phone from dirt and stain, but I was still careful not to drop the unit. I got a backlight on my phone and a cool Mission Impossible ringtone. Now that phones get smarter, and become more expensive, it is only practical to buy a case which is not just durable but fashionable too.

The video below is a little too graphic and needs Parental Guidance. Not for those with weak hearts.

Are you ready?


Okay, minors and kids, please do not do that at home. Unless, your smartphones are covered by Otterbox!

You want to watch more “morbid” videos? See below:

Otterbox is the maker of durable smartphone casings. The brand carries four series that fit one’s lifestyle. I got the chance to know more about the Otterbox (and the team which brought Otterbox here) in Red Box, Eastwoood City last Friday. I am amazed to see how the Otterbox casings work. You might be feeling the same too just by watching the videos I posted. I sometimes just don’t believe the videos/demo I see online to market the products, I can always blame video editing. But seeing how the phone dropped and still functioned in my very palm, I am convinced that this brand is the next best thing that ever happened in the history after the introduction of SmartPhones. 
Let’s meet the Cast of Characters:

Defender Series 

A rugged case made of a clear protective membrane, high impact polycarbonate shell and durable silicone. Provides protection against scratches, dust, drops, bumps and shock.

If you are into mountain climbing or heavy outdoor activities, this one is for you.

Reflect Series
Integrating polycarbonate and rubber together creates maximum protection in the smallest, most slim fitting form. Surrounding each device with a cushion of air, the case flexes upon impact and rebounds to its original form.
This one is perfect for those who want it docked easily without worry.
Commuter Series

A slim and tough protective case made of a durable silicone mid layer and custom molded polycarbonate shell. Provides added protection against scratches, bumps and shock.
Do I need to say more, this design is for Commuters. It also has smooth finish that keeps the link from sticking in the casing.
Impact Series

Durable silicone case with inner coring that dissipates shock away from the device. Provides added protection against scratches, bumps and shock.
This one reminds me of the typical mobile phone casing. But the quality is not just the ordinary. 
The casings are not just durable and made of high quality items, they are fashionable too! It is rare to encounter an item which is both durable and fashionable. It is as if you only pay for one – either performance or aesthetics. But owning Otterbox is like paying for both. I loooove the candy colored casings! There is even one which supports the Breast Cancer Crusade! (and yes, the color is pink!).
The products start at Php1,200 (for Blackberry Impact Series). I know it is a bit pricey, but it is worth to buy a durable protective case for expensive gadgets. What am I going to do with Php100 worth of casing which is only good for one-day use? I think it is a must for everyone to invest on something as durable as Otterbox – like moms who have kids who loves playing games, or dads who tend to always drop the phone in the car, or boyfriends who are naturally playboys and have jealous girlfriends who love to throw things (smart phones included).  
I love that Otterbox carries and supports different brands and series. My Dell Streak is not left out!
Otterbox can be bought from stores and mall kiosks nationwide. Check out the listing here. And for online shoppers like me, Otterbox can be ordered online (soon!). Please visit the Tenkie Box Online Store at
Thank you Tenkie Box and Otterbox for my Otterbox Commuter Case! I think it just suits me because I am a certified commuter, and as suggested, the case is not too bulky and still looks sleek!

Here are some nice boxes I want to buy soon! I think this would be ideal for traveling in keeping my docs, money, gadgets and ID safe.

I would have wanted to stay and join the gang as they sing their hearts out in Red Box, but I got work to do and deadlines to meet. When I got to the office, I proudly showed my new casing to one of the big bosses in the org, she wanted to throw her Blackberry on me. No joke. I did not violate any business conduct guideline. She just wants to show me she also uses Otterbox (in pink) for her mobile phone. Cool eh?
Now, what type of casing do you use for your smartphones?
See more of events pictures here

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