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October 31, 2011

Finesse's "I'll Take Care of You" Caravan with Andrew Wolff

It is no fun taking calls 8 hours a day, dealing with irate callers in other geographies, and missing your lunch/bio break to resolve customer's concern. I should know, I experienced the same when our account needed help in taking volume of calls. That is why, call center agents need a break they deserve. The best treat that they got, hmm.. how about having your hair washed by non-other than hunk Andrew Wolff of Philippine Volcanoes?!

I witnessed how the hunk Andrew Wolff visited one of the call center offices in Eastwood City last Thursday, with the Finesse Self-Adjusting Shampoo Team for the "I'll Take Care of You" event and treated the agents to a relaxing shampoo treatment, and styling courtesy of Finesse Stylists using Finesse Styling aids.

Lucky that I am, my office is just a few cartwheels away from the event venue. I will not let the chance passed and I have to meet my crushie - Andrew Wolff! (*a wink!).

Love the suplado, bad boy look.. ;)
We got the chance to talk to him and we were glad that he still has the energy at 2 in the morning, coming from the screening of Private Benjamin. He is soo manly, such a beautiful man..

Andrew Wolff with Ms. Aiza of Finesse
We got the chance to ask him questions, but we got a little too shy, and a bit starstruck. He seems like a cool, fun guy though (he should be! He is in a comedy movie! I should find time to watch that movie!). Going back to Finesse, I have known the brand since I remember, but I always thought it is expensive. The Finesse Self-adjusting Shampoo has a self-adjusting formula which only provides only the nutrients the hair needs. I have yet to try the shampoo, but one thing is for sure, I loooove its scent!

Mommy bloggers took the chance to experience being pampered with these hunks.

Other Finesse Variants are Texture Enhancing for normal, healthy; Moisturizing for dry, coarse or damaged hair, and Volumizing for fine or thin hair.

If you are working in a BPO, you are in luck! The next Finesse caravan might be in your office.

We look like Finesse's Brand Ambassadors, yeah? I could dream ;)
The next time I get the chance to have my pic taken with him, I will fill in the gap and get closer. Promise!

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