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Great Buy of the Week: Nippies from The Strip – (Don’t Buy Cheap Nippies!!!)

October 30, 2011

I bought it weeks ago. I attended an event in 7th High in the Bonifacio Global City and took the chance to drop by at The Strip to buy new set of nippies!

I looove nippies! Remember that I featured cheap nippies as a good buy some months ago?! It turned out it is not a good buy after all. My original nippies finally “sagged” and I had no choice but to use the cheap ones. I thought I was feeling lucky. I can be daring but I never want to go “au naturale”. It would saved my night because I had to be really chic for the F21 Mastercard Launching event.

When Nippies Sagged..

It turned out that I cannot rely on this new nippies I wore. I got nervous when I suddenly felt my “flesh” when I smoothened my top. I was in big trouble! I thought I know how to prevent wardrobe malfunctions! The nippies are not that “sticky” that would give me coverage I needed. Good thing, it just fell inside my top, and was saved by my skirt because I tucked my top in. Imagine the horror of tripping over the “nippies” inside the bar! Yay! Reminds me of the fake eyelash on the floor we saw in an event!

Lesson learned: don’t buy cheap stuff especially those who are made to cover you and protect you (like underwear).

The nippies/silicon nippies look the same, but you will only get to know the difference once you use it.

The Nippies cost Php1,500 but you can use it 100 times. Just wash with water and mild soap. I wore it over and over again. Anywhere, and I always feel protected and secured.

Now that is really a great buy!

What kind of nippies do you use?

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