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Triumph feat Ruffa Gutierrez @ The Philippine Fashion Week

October 30, 2011

Last week was a celebration of fashion and talent for Filipino designers and international brands. I was so thankful to our friends in Leung De Leon Marketing Services, Inc for putting me on guestlist for the Triumph International show. Yey! I looooove lingeries and underwear! I always wear my best underwear whenever I go out because I wouldn’t know what will happen to me at the end of the day – either I will meet an accident or go home with a hot hunk (kidding!). So ladies, always wear your best underwear. They should always match!

I came in just in time before the show started. To be honest, I was not ready for the Fashion Week. I didn’t have my nails done (not wearing the usual nail art!), and my dress I picked from my closet after taking a shower.

Anyway, the event started with a small talk from Kenneth Marshall, Global Government International Project Manager of Triumph International.  Can you believe that Triumph has been in the industry for 125 years? Lucky are the great great grandmothers, they got to experience the beauty of wearing lovely underwear; but I guess we are luckier, because we even got to see the newest collection and innovation from Triumph International.

The ladies then showed up in the catwalk, joined by other models who were seated in the audience area and joined the models in front.

I just kept on saying “wow” “I like that”, “I want that” whenever a model walked infront of us. We were seated in the third row, but my point-and-shoot camera didn’t give justice to the show and collection. Let me share with you some nice shots from Juan Manila Express.

See more of nice shots from Juan Manila here.

I love everything about the show – I love the campaign videos, I looove the sexy music, and especially the collection! I have to forget about ordering lingerie and underwear from the US, and head to the nearest Triumph store (would even save me the shipping fee). I love the fact that they chose the not-so-perfect models to showcase the Triumph collection and how sexy they make each body type.

The best part of the show was Ruffa Gutierrez’s appearance.

It was one awesome night! Btw, I wore the lace dress my mom made last year. I just thought it best fits the theme that night – lingerie and underwear! What do you think?

About Triumph International

Triumph International, known for their quality brand of lingerie are still in the hands of the families of its founders—merchant Michael Braun and corset maker Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer—the company still develops, manufactures and sells fabulous lingerie, shapewear, undergarments, beach fashion, leisurewear, and sleepwear for both men and women, under such renowned brand names such as Triumph, Sloggi, the seductive brand Valisere, and HOM. 

Perfection, innovation and a passion for supreme quality comfort and cutting-edge design is what makes Triumph a well-loved brand through all these years. The company’s solid commitment that brings seductive power to Triumph’s lingerie and shapewear: every piece flatters the body, lures the senses and expresses sublime fashion and body awareness. Stylish, high-performance, contemporary designs—no other intimate apparel company offers such extensive portfolio of desirable brands and products.

As a way of thanking all its loyal customers, Triumph International will continue to strive for the very best in design, materials, and craftsmanship along with their utmost dedication, passion and vision that the company has embraced for the past 125 years in perfecting the female silhouette.

Thank you to  Leung De Leon Marketing Services, Inc and Triumph International for the awesome event and gift!

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