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One Fine Luncheon w/ Direk Joey Reyes (Talks About “My House Husband”, Movies and More)

November 7, 2011

I had the opportunity to spend my afternoon with Direk Joey Reyes last Thursday in Dulcinea in Tomas Morato. Don’t get too excited. Nope, I am not starring on his latest film. Although I wouldn’t mind being paired with Derek Ramsey or Andrew Wolff, and I would give my full consent for a bed scene with the leading man. And nope, there is no such movie that would talk about my life. You won’t be seeing Ruth dela Cruz: Her Life, Her Story in theaters. Sorry to disappoint you.

The luncheon was for the upcoming Film Fest Movie Entry, My House Husband which stars couple, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. The moment Direk Joey entered the room, we (bloggers) became silent. As if he were a professor who caught the class misbehaving. I cannot blame the others, he has such a serious look and commanding aura.

The first time I encountered him, I served him his favorite coffee. He was (and I hope he is still) a regular customer of one of the coffee shops in Tomas Morato where I worked as a Management Trainee. I never know he is the famous Joey Reyes then. He usually comes with other veteran actors and actresses. I felt guilty for asking his name so I would know what to write in the cup; I was clueless that right infront of me was the award-winning director. But he was always pleasant and smiling whenever he would stand infront of the bar. There is no air of “I am Joey Reyes“. I found out that he was the Joey Reyes when I saw his interview on TV – that time I was already transferred to a new store.

The first thing I noticed from him when he arrived, was his shirt – he was wearing a blue Batman shirt – which he says his favorite character. Did you know that he actually owns the Batman collection featured in the movie  Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo? After a short introduction from Melai, the table was opened for questions. But questions were not what we presented but introductions. Direk Joey was so eager to know all of us that he asked us to introduce ourselves first and I saw his interest in knowing what we write/blog about. I have been to a couple of “presscons” and intimate interviews, and only then did I feel somehow recognized, if not “special”. How many directors who have worked with alot of celebrities, and met a lot of well-known personalities would find interest in a group of people who write under the tool called “blog”?! He is so nice and sincere like that. Probably because he also blogs (yes, he does!) and somehow finds connection to us. Just the same I felt honored to be introducing myself to Direk Joey Reyes. Would he soon make a film inspired by blogging or bloggers? I cannot tell for now. Probably. He is that curiously creative and finds inspiration in real-life stories.

After we felt a little more comfortable with Direk Joey in the room, Melai shot the first question about the movie My House Husband (Ikaw Na!). Direk Joey immediately shared that it is not the third installment for the movies Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo and Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo. The movie which is produced by OctoArts Films (the same production outfit that gave Ryan his very first acting break) and the official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival is a story of its own which stars real-life couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos, with Eugene Domingo who is not anyone’s sidekick in this movie. It is a story of a young couple with the husband who stays at home and plays the domestic husband while the wife reports to work and support the family. Direk Joey stressed that it is not about being an Under the Saya or Andres. So what is this movie about?! I have pictures of Ryan in my mind – with apron on, holding pans, scrubbing the floor, and doing the grocery.. Will he find joy and beauty in doing household chores? I am not yet a housewife but this movie interests me.


House Husband is the original movie title, but they decided to use My House Husband, (Ikaw Na!) to both highlight Ryan’s character (House Husband) and Judy Ann’s (My). Ikaw Na! from the popular Filipino expression nowadays that I hear from my friends and read in Facebook (like whenever I will post an interesting photo of myself in Facebook, my friends will comment – Ikaw na! You already!).

During the filming of My House Husband, Judy Ann and Ryan found themselves empathizing with the lead characters although not necessarily according to gender.The couple is confident that more than entertaining the audience, the movie gives a realistic idea of what a marriage is like.

I am sure that the couple had fun filming the movie with Direk Joey – as I witnessed how fun and witty Direk Joey is during the luncheon, add Eugene Domingo in the set, it will be a riot! Direk Joey even shared that Eugene once acted the TV Patrol-kind-of-acting (if you have seen the Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank, you know what I am talking about). We asked for some punchlines, but Direk Joey said that the fun and comedy in the movie is about the real-life situations.

More questions were thrown by bloggers and Direk Joey wittingly and animatedly answered them, sharing his experiences and opinions with passion. The formal luncheon became an intimate gathering with questions evolved from film, movies, Film Fest entry process, Filipinos behavior in watching movies especially during Christmas season, to political and social matters, including RH bill. I enjoyed his talks and contagious laughs more than the churros I dipped in rich chocolate sauce. There are times that he would shared his views that  left all of us thinking, but most often, we found ourselves giving him an applause.

I was itching to ask him his favorite Filipino movie, and I was glad someone asked the question and even asked for (what he thinks is) the worst movie. Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang by Lino Brocka (the film that inspires him to be a film writer) and Manila by Night by Ishmael Bernal top his list. I have to take note of that two and noted them as to-watch movies.

I knew he was tempted to share his worst movie, but he just candidly answered us with his heartfelt laugh! He shared that he wanted to also write for other directors, and he always wants to meet people to find inspiration to his films. He shared that only through dealing with people he will get the real story.

He shared alot of other things to us, but I’d rather not publish them in my blog. I want to look at it as if he shared those with only the people he trusts and I want to treasure the two-hour session we had with him. It is nice to get to know the man behind many great films. Direk Joey is such a smart, funny and witty guy, with sincere laughs.

Watch another great film from this well-respected director. My House Husband is the official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, produced by OctoArts Films. So I’ll see you guys in the theaters, ok?

Before we said goodbye’s, we had a photo-opp with Direk and he was game in posing with all of us. He said he would go to the gym after the luncheon – he has such a fit built for his age (yes, he shared his real age).

I wish I had already bought and worn my Wonderwoman shirt to pair with his Batman shirt! 😉

Thank you to Bloggers United, and OctoArts Films (especially to Producer Orly Ilacad, who also graced the event) for the opportunity.

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See more of the events pictures here

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