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My Bioessence Treatment Experience

November 6, 2011

While everyone was preparing to go to the cemetery last October 31st, I braved the traffic and crowd in Binondo and visited the Bioessence Clinic for a Diamond Peel Treatment.

My skin condition makes me feel like I were a teenager – pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. My face was screaming treatment!!  I couldn’t say if I was lucky or not. When we got to the clinic, 20 minutes before 1:00PM, the sign posted on the glass panel greeted me. Clinic hours was only until 12:00 noon that day. The staff was too nice to open the door for me and my mom. I felt guilty for not calling in for an appointment. I got too confident that since it was a Holiday (was it even a Holiday then? I couldn’t remember, I don’t get paid during Holidays!), the staff would just sit and read magazine while waiting for the customers to come.
I told them I wanted to have a Facial Treatment and Diamond Peel too. The attendant who was wearing that doctor’s uniform was kind enough to accommodate me for a Diamond Peel. Unfortunately, they couldn’t accommodate extensive Facial Treatment. I understand that. Probably the machines had been cleaned and stored. Plus, extending the hours would mean overtime pay for the staff and running electricity bills.
Anyway, so I was escorted to the second floor where I waited in the room. I love the scent of the fresh bed linens, dim lights and relaxing sound. The therapist who entered the room was very pleasant (I felt so guilty for letting her stay). 
With some washing, massaging, steaming and pricking – the procedure was done after an hour. To be fair, she did the “normal” procedure and she was even nice telling me stories while doing her thing. Most of the “beauty experts” had bid goodbyes and left the clinic while I stayed there lying in bed, entrusting my face to one dedicated team member. 
I always feel pampered whenever I am in Bioessence. The last time I went there for a treatment, someone who was a registered nurse attended to my needs. I am impressed that she is knowledgeable about the Bioessence’s services. She even shared tips and stories on how to take care of my skin. I feel like my face is in good hands. As much as I wanted to visit the clinic more often, time is my biggest challenge. 
Did you know that Bioessence has been in the business for 17 years? I was invited for the Bioessence Bloggers Event: 17 and Loving It! but I missed it because I had already RSVPd to another beauty and pampering event (which I also missed because of dysmenorrhea). I missed the chance of trying out their new treatments. I heard about the Power Pore Minimizer and Back Massage. Plus, bloggers got a free nail art service that day! Sad..
I will sure come back to Bioessence. The therapist told me I can come back next week for an intensive facial treatment. I am so looking forward to that. 
By purpose, I didn’t bring my camera because going to the branch is like going to a war zone (*think Divisoria and Binondo).
If you want to know more about Bioessence and its products, check out the Bioessence Facebook Fan Page. Bioessence has 51 branches, and you may call 0918-8BEAUTY for inquiries and appointments.
Where do you go for facial treatments and pampering?

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