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Eugene Domingo on Being the “Other Woman” in My House Husband

December 6, 2011

When I arrived in Kenny Rogers Katipunan last November 30th, I find “the” Eugene Domingo” sitting quietly in the table, eating her salad. If not for the media people occasionally greeting her, and the My House Husband tarpaulin hanging behind her, I would think she were just one of the customers, enjoying a good meal on Bonifacio Day. She is as simple as that, but simple is not the best term to describe her achievements and talent.

Eugene Domingo is joining Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos in the movie My House Husband where she plays the role of AIDA – the other woman as she calls it. Aida is the next-door neighbor of the couple which taught ROD (Ryan’s role) that there is nobility in being the caregiver of the family as well as the manager of the household. Aida and Rod’s relationship and friendship grew deeper, while MIA (Judy Ann’s role) is busy climbing the career ladder, being the provider of the family.

Direk Joey talks about Eugene on his interview..
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Eugene admits that she is the exact opposite of her character – from the way Aida dresses to how she behaves. She confessed though that she is okay with doing the household chores, and when asked what she thinks of the role reversal – with the man doing the household and wife providing for her family – she is open-minded about the concept – as long as the man is never a lazy tad.

Eugene is excited about the film because it is her second time to share the screen with Ryan Agoncillo. The first time they were seen on the big screen together was in 2005’s Kutob under OctoArts Films, where she played the role of a maid who had just one scene with his character.

In the movie, My House Husband, Eugene and Ryan got closer as they shared most scenes in the movie. She and Judy Ann had been friends for 10 years, but they only have a few scenes together, and one even got Judy Ann’s hand on her face – and she admits – Masakit!

It is nice to finally meet Eugene Domingo, seeing her and hearing her talk infront of me with other bloggers who confessed that they are fans and followers. I love Kimy Dora, Here Comes the Bride and Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank. In her movies, I see not just the types of acting – Elevator Acting, TV Patrol, and As is, where is; but different characters portrayed by talented woman that is Eugene Domingo. Don’t be surprised if you see her in three movies in the Metro Manila Film Festival.

I admire Eugene because she loves what she does well, and she knows what she wanted. She said that she has three movies in this year’s MMFF, but she will have different characters. She will be in Enteng ng Ina Mo, and Shake, Rattle and Roll. I am not sure though if she will come out as an Aswang or Manananggal in Shake, Rattle and Roll (Eugene always surprises me in her movies!) but in the Enteng ng Ina Mo, she will still be the funny, supportive friend of the Ina Mo. I guess that’s her little secret why audience never get tired of her. Her comedy is not just about making herself ugly, or making faces, or having other characters make fun of her – but her delivery and execution of her character makes her more credible and adorable by movie-goers. She said that there are a lot of other characters she wants to portray – she even wouldn’t mind taking her clothes off – and when we laughed at her revelation – she gave us her signature Eugene Domingo-ish comment, “bakit di pwede?!” – that made us laugh even harder.

Even if she is already the star on her own rights, she doesn’t mind accepting roles be it a supporting, a lead or cameo – as long as she likes the character and role, and it is something that she has never done yet.

I love Eugene so much that I never realized that she is seen in different TV stations – which I think is such a treat for a fan like me, getting my dose of Eugene’s antics in whatever channel I choose. One blogger asked her how she does it? She shared that she is open with her bosses – her key is being honest and sincere. She values the freedom. She takes care of the trust that is given to her. As she puts it I respect you because you respect me.

I almost find myself shedding a tear with her words. I truly understand what she really mean. Somehow I apply it in my life too. People say that you cannot serve two masters at the same time, but Eugene can do it – because I think she is the master of herself and her happiness. The discussion was becoming a little too serious, with fellow bloggers’ faces spelling “aaaww…” reactions, until Eugene breaks the drama and said that she is not a Kapamilya or Kapuso – but a KABAKLA – Kabahagi ka ng lahat!

Finally, I was given the chance to hold the microphone and asked her a question. The person who asked the question before me, asked a personal question – and I followed it with yet another personal question. You guessed it right, Eugene didn’t let it pass and asked unabashedly if I do have a lovelife. I somewhat felt the spotlight on me, and caught off-guard, I told her I am actually Geographically Single. The Eugene Domingo curiously asked for its meaning – and when I told her it means in a Long Distance Relationship – I was not spared to be her next target. She looked at me with curious eyes and threw some comments. But I never felt offended, or harassed – I just felt I was in a company of good friend – who was just teasing me and making fun of me but deep inside, she didn’t mean anything, she didn’t mean to humiliate me or to make me feel bad. She is that a good actress and comedienne (but then again, since she is as good as that – now I am thinking, does she mean anything about her comments?) 😉

When the spotlight was put back on her, I asked what makes Eugene Domingo cry and what makes Eugene Domingo mad (okay, I felt like a member of the press asking that question! My friends are teasing me that I am now into Showbiz blogging!) Yet again, the Eugene Domingo stroke back, she said with fierce eyes that green nail polish makes her mad – looking straight in my nails. I know you will agree with me, that this woman is a natural! But seriously speaking, she said that unfair treatment, inequality and discrimination make her angry. Great talent and great performance make her cry. She said that such shows the gift of God – the pure talent – and she was talking with passion that I felt her sincerity. It is inspiring to know that such great artist with such great talent still know how to appreciate the beauty and talent of others. I am not surprised why God is continuously giving her blessings.

Sir Orly Ilacad and Ms. Cat Ilacad were like fans laughing at Eugene’s funny remarks!

We shared more laughs, and more talks that afternoon. Although she looked a bit tired that day, I was glad that she is so accommodating and professional in answering our questions – personal or not. She gave the same energy I see in her movies, although TV Patrol Acting is not applicable.

Melai asked what is Eugene’s tips to those who want to be a successful artist like she is – Eugene wittingly said, magpantalon kayo! Teasing Melai of Style and Soul, who hosted the event and came in cute culottes. Eugene said that had she known, she would have come in the same outfit too. She left us with a very good advice – that is to enjoy what we have, whatever our passion is, and be free. Don’t be a victim. Just enjoy.

Please watch the video below and laugh some more.

Eugene is positive that Filipinos will support My House Husband and the entries in the MMFF 2011, especially that (as she said) – walang Breaking Dawn na kasabay!

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Btw, when someone asked if the movie will be made in an international film, who would she want to portray her character? Without thinking, she said Cameron Diaz. We kept silent and waited for her to say something more serious – then she said “bakit di pwede?!”. Well.., I thought Cameron needs a short workshop from Ugeh to learn that TV Patrol acting. 😉

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