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Project HeadShot and Take the Test Project: Commit to HIV Awareness

December 11, 2011

I know this blog post is uber late. But honestly, it is never too late to take the test, and take part on the campaign of creating awareness about HIV. I, together with chosen bloggers went to Victoria Court in Malate last November 23rd to have our pictures taken by the great Niccolo Cosme for the Project Headshot Clinic Commit campaign.

I never find it embarrassing to go to a motorist hotel – especially if it is for a good cause. I know the driver raised his eyebrow when I told him my destination, but hey, I was not going there alone, but I would be meeting a group which believe in the same cause.

Before the shoot, we attended the mini-lecture about HIV – how it is transmitted and how we can prevent it. Symptoms of HIV is not evident though. Surprising fact. We were given this kit called Pleasure Kit which contains the red whistle, condoms, and (for one’s pleasure) lubricant.

I honestly thought I don’t need much education on HIV because first and foremost, I practice abstinence (Celibacy is the new religion! Yey!). I thought, I don’t need to know all these, because I know I am not getting myself into a situation/encounter which might get me an HIV virus. I was WRONG!

HIV can be transmitted not just by sexual encounter, it can be transmitted through blood and breast milk.

The team also discussed how we can prevent HIV transmission through ABCDE.

A- Abstain from sex
B- Be faithful to one partner
C- Careful sex with the use of condom, correctly and consistently
D- Donโ€™t use drugs and donโ€™t drink
E- Early detection and Treatment

During the talk, Ana Santos (of – I looove this site!) also taught us how to properly use the condom. Ladies, don’t use your mouth when putting on the condom, you can use the mouth for other things. Before you use it, make sure that it has air inside, and it is not expired. Hold the “semen catcher” and slowly it down. After the “great deed” make sure that the guy holds the base of the condom to prevent the semen from spilling over. And for hygiene purposes, wrap it in tissue before throwing in the trash.

There was also free testing conducted that day. I was feeling confident that day, I didn’t take it. Honestly, I am just afraid of syringe. Take the Test Project conducts free testings. Just contact the number on their fanpage. Those who want to be educators can join their team too.

The photos went live and were published in the Project Head Shot fanpage last December 1st. We were all excited and waited for its release! I got a headshot photo, my first! Not because I committed a crime, but yes, I do commit.

Around 250 supporters, from personalities, models, actors, actresses and bloggers joined in for this campaign. Imagine, I share the same peg with the likes of Andrew Wolff, Aljur Abrenica, Diana Meneses, and Pia Cayetano ( – thanks Raffy for the correction!) ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, I am using my photo for my social media profile, and in our company’s online director. It is nice to be part and be committed to something so serious like HIV.

Divine Lee

 Robbie Carmona

Pia Honteveros

Of course..

Some blogger friends


Find out who else supported this campaign. See the albums here.

Thank you to Take the Test Project, Project Head Shot, Niccolo Cosme, The Red Whistle and Flow of AngSawariKo for the opportunity.

See more of events pictures here. We sure loved the rooms in Victoria Court!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Btw, the next time I say, blow harder – I mean, blow the red whistle, and support the campaign.

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