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Something New for Lunch and Learning an American Dance

March 28, 2012

A blog series about my in-country assignment to Makassar for IBM Corporate Service Corp.
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We are on house arrest. For two days. Per IBM Security’s advised, we need to stay in the hotel for our safety and security. There had been demonstrations in Jakarta and Makassar, and students are participating in rally against fuel price hike.

We were working in the lobby and caught the news update..

We had to stay in the hotel again yesterday and today (although some of my teammates got to the client sites). I and my partner, Cheryl (USA) stayed in the hotel and worked on our presentations. We received a call from the hospital this morning and the staff are actually waiting for us. I kind of miss them – the giggly, happy employees of the General Hospital of Makassar.

Yesteday, we had something different for lunch – something not spicy – tadaaah.. Pizza Hut!

They have this lunch special which you can order two meals and get a free salad (salad bar!). I miss salad bars (*think Wendy’s!).



Mocha Float – Yummy!
 Fusilli with Cheese and Pepperoni – Too Chessy for Me!

After lunch, Jessica (USA) taught us an American Dance. I don’t know how to call it, but she says it is usually danced in American weddings. Tom (USA) and Cheryl (USA) were not convinced, but we all gamely tried to dance it. It was the coolest thing! We have a recorded video, and I am hoping to get a copy so I can share.

Jessica (USA) showing us a video of the dance steps. Vivek (India) is just being Vivek 😉

What I love about this group is everyone is so game – who care’s if you are rolling in a different direction? Everyone just do it and dance! Who care’s if our presentation is not yet done, we were there (at our favorite place – 3rd floor, elevator area) and we had fun! Simple things that spell teamwork.

Then, it is time for Yoga session with Nitu (India). I am eating a lot and gaining weight so I badly need this kind of exercise. I thought I would continue doing the routine even after I come back to Manila.

Last night, I did some slides for our common presentation. I took ownership of the Memorable Experiences part. I checked my albums and chose pictures that I can include in the presentation – and it somewhat makes me sad. It was ironic how happy memories make you sad ..

Team Picture (1 of the two pictures) – Taken 3/27/2012

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