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Working from Hotel, Creating a Team Dance and Getting to Know Brazil

March 27, 2012

 A blog series about my in-country assignment to Makassar for IBM Corporate Service Corp.
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Work from Hotel. That was our status yesterday, and I guess it would be the same for today. ABV advised us to stay in the hotel because of the demonstrations happening around the city (due to fuel increase).

I am kind of worried and nervous about our assignment because we still need to meet up with the Hospital Director and our contact person, interview more department heads and check out the department’s facilities. On the other hand, I am glad that we had to stay in the hotel yesterday because – well, it is the time of the month again. Perfect timing. I was so worried it would come during the weekend when we visited different diving spots and visited an interesting island. I should blog about it today.

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We had lunch at a very good and affordable restaurant within the area. Too bad, I didn’t bring my camera. But I had this Calamares (Fried Squid) with Butter and Soy. It is crunchy and chewy at the same time. I like it!

In the afternoon, we had our team meeting in which we planned our common presentation (the one that we will present to our team once we are back in our home countries). I can’t believe that we only have one week to finish our assignment and present to our clients. I found out that there are other activities lined up for us. In less than two weeks, we would need to pack our bags and take different flights back. The thought makes me sad.

Before the meeting starts, Cheryl (USA) gave their little presents from Yogyakarta.

Girls got bracelet and flip flops!
And boys got musical instruments! How lovely!

After the meeting, time to do our afternoon exercise! Nitu (India) once again lead the session. I have attended a couple of afternoon sessions, and I am really surprised that I can now reach and touch my feet – while sitting – legs stretched. Again, we couldn’t control our laughter whenever we would do the Aaaah… ooohhhh.. mmmm.. breathing exercise especially when Marcelo (Brazil) will join. We just love his deep voice!

After the Yoga session, time to do the dancing exercises. We danced to the tune of The Real Slim Shady with each of us doing the dance step and everyone would follow. It was the first time that Cheryl (USA) joined us and she really is such a cool lady! I did the otso otso dance and I said it is a Filipino Dance. Now they don’t want to believe me!

We then started choreographing our Team Dance. I know we got a lot to do for our assignments, but this team got tons of creative ideas and we still think of more things to do.

I haven’t really shared that I am quite observant about people’s mannerisms, and I have “validated” another one today – from Marcelo (Brazil). “Hm.. Hmm..?!” He always says that – whenever he will say Yes, whenever he will ask something (he will just point at it, and say “Hm.. Hmm..?!”. When I told him about it, he said he never realized it!

And since I am talking about Marcelo – time to get to know more about Brazil. I really wanted to visit the country, and I really wished that my assignment would be in Brazil. He showed me the pictures of his place – where he lives (nice view of mountains and blinding lights from the city, with beautiful lakes); the feasts and festivals which he calls “fantasy” (probably because most of the people come in costumes); and of course, the food!

I wish I got time to get to know the other countries too and blog about them.

I also shared with them my pictures from the Philippines – Boracay, Batangas, Palawan and Ilocos. It was funny when Arun (India) said that that woman in the pictures is not me! I am not sure if I should be offended. Haha.

Anyway, I finished the day with KFC chicken (I know, I am addicted!) and working on a few more decks for our presentation.

Working from Hotel in Makassar,


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